Microsoft Outlook users take note: CompanionLink Software now synchronizes Outlook on a Mac or PC without Exchange ActiveSync or iCloud and provides Outlook-like features on iOS devices.

The DejaOffice for Outlook App is available from the Apple App Store and offers USB, secure Wi-Fi and secure Cloud Sync. It works with CompanionLink on the Mac and PC to provide a simple alternative to Exchange ActiveSync and iCloud solutions that carry less data and experience more problems.

On PC Outlook, iCloud requires a special folder that can cause problems. On Mac OS X, Outlook for Mac requires an Exchange enabled account. Then, once you set up the complex system, only a minimum of Outlook data moves to the phone. For people who need their iPhone and iPad to work like Outlook, you need a Contact and Calendar App that works like Outlook. Enter DejaOffice.

DejaOffice for Outlook App elegantly connects to the Mac or PC, and contains many key features of Outlook like Category colors and recurring tasks. It contains core capabilities like Contact and Task maps that can show you where your Contacts are located. Appointment location can be used to get driving directions.  Custom field support lets you keep account numbers and report driving data for your contacts.

DejaOffice for Outlook runs on any platform, including Android, and Windows Phones, so you can update Outlook from an Android Phone as well as your iPad Pro. DejaOffice for Android and iPhone both support USB Sync to Windows 10 PCs, as well as secure Wi-Fi and DejaCloud sync.  More information can be found at 

The DejaOffice App for Outlook is free on iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.  CompanionLink Sync costs US$49.95 for Mac and PC. One license allows you to run on three computers. CompanionLink Software offers free telephone technical support.  They also have a RunStart service for $49 and premium support for $129 for busy professionals who want a remote tech to set up their sync system.