Startly Technologies Announces Docktopus for Tiger
New application enhances Mac OS X Dock

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, September 20, 2005 – Startly Technologies, LLC., a
leading provider of productivity solutions, today announced the release of
Docktopus 1.0. Similar to the way Apple Mail uses a badge to display the
number of unread messages from its Dock icon, Docktopus allows users to
overlay custom badges on their Dock icons. These badges give users a
convenient source for real-time information about the items in their Dock,
such as an application’s CPU or Memory usage. With badges like the iTunes
Control and iCal Event Peek, Docktopus provides users with a new way of
using their Dock – allowing them to control and get information from
applications directly from their Dock icons.

Docktopus adds the following functionality to the Dock:
* Access statistics like drive space available, the number of files in a
folder and the size of a specific file or folder present in the Dock.
* View upcoming iCal events by simply rolling the mouse across the badge.
* Access commonly used files and nested folders from a pop-up menu.
* Play QuicKeys Shortcuts, AppleScripts and Automator Workflows.
* Get instant access to general information such as CPU usage or Memory
consumed by a given application.
* Display iTunes track information, cover art and control iTunes.
* View the number of unread Mail messages in specified accounts and mark
messages as junk.

In conjunction with the launch of Docktopus, a development kit will be made
available to the Mac OS X developer community that will allow them to
create their own badges. For additional information on the Docktopus SDK,

Pricing & Availability
Available immediately, Docktopus has an introductory price of $19.95 and
can be purchased direct from Startly Technologies by calling 800-523-7638
or 515-221-1801 or online at

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