The DLO HomeDock lets owners easily play their iPod’s music through their
home stereo, display photo slideshows on their televisions, and even dock
their iPods to a computer via standard USB

PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 21, 2005 – Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO),
makers of the TransPod, iBoom and other exciting iPod accessories, today
announced the DLO HomeDock – Home Entertainment Center for iPod, iPod nano
and iPod mini. The HomeDock is a completely new kind of iPod accessory that
creates a ‘home’ for the iPod in the living room and provides a permanent
simple connection to existing Home Stereo Systems and Televisions. With the
HomeDock, owners can simply dock their iPod to enjoy their music and photos
without the hassle of additional cables, adapters or multiple other
accessories. While docked and charging, the iPod is controlled with the
included 14-function Remote Control. The DLO HomeDock costs $99.99 and is
being demonstrated this week at Macworld Expo-Paris, booth C2. For more
info, please visit www.dlo.com.

The HomeDock includes everything necessary to connect an iPod to a typical
Home Stereo or a pair of Powered Speakers. Audio connections are made with
standard RCA-type connectors using the superior line-out signal from the
bottom connection of the iPod. RCA jacks on the HomeDock eliminate the need
for adapters when connecting to most home amplifiers. The HomeDock also
includes a RCA-to-mini adapter to allow easy connections to powered
speakers. This simple setup makes a wonderful compact sound system. The
HomeDock also features a 14-function remote control that lets users control
volume, playback, skip tracks, advance playlists, and more. Even the
backlight on the iPod can be turned on or off with the HomeDock’s remote

The DLO HomeDock connects to a TV via Composite or S-Video allowing owners
to easily display their slideshows from their photo ‘output’ capable iPods.
Users simply dock their iPod, select a photo slideshow and begin reliving
memories all over again with a rich soundtrack played through high-fidelity
home stereo speakers. Slideshows can even be controlled by the remote
control, allowing users to pause, resume, rewind and advance pictures as
well as control the volume of their slideshow music. Any size TV screen
shows off photos better than the tiny iPod screen, but the newer digital
flat screens connected via the HomeDock’s S-Video output are particularly
suited for the job.

“Everyone thinks they know how good their iPod sounds but when they hear
their iPod played through high-powered high-fidelity home stereo speakers
— they’re usually blown away,” said Andrew Green, VP of Marketing and
Design for DLO. “What’s amazing is that most people already have a great
stereo system in their home, they’ve just never had a simple convenient way
to connect their iPod to it. The HomeDock IS that connection that
permanently marries your iPod to your home stereo system. Now your iPod can
rock you on the go, in the car AND at home.”

The DLO HomeDock is also a PC or Mac compatible dock for the iPod, iPod
nano or iPod mini. It features a USB 2.0 port for easy syncing and charging
to keep an iPod updated and ready to go. It also includes a standard AC
adapter to power and charge your iPod while docked. It even allows you to
connect your iPod without removing it from your favorite iPod case. An
owner can also use their HomeDock and iPod with their favorite powered
speaker system.

Pricing and Availability:

The DLO HomeDock Home Entertainment Center for iPod, iPod nano and iPod
mini costs $99.99 and will be available at select retail outlets nationwide
in October 2005. For more info please visit www.dlo.com.

About Digital Lifestyle Outfitters:

DLO produces an entire line of computer and digital music player
accessories sold around the world. DLO products cover everything from cases
and cables to remotes and speaker systems. With the digital revolution at
hand – DLO is leading the way outfitting your digital lifestyle. For more
information, visit http://www.dlo.com.