D-Link Launches Roq-it Jukebox With 10 GB HD on Board

– 10GB Jukebox Storage Capacity
– ID3 Tag Support
– Large Blue Backlit LCD Display
– USB Interface
– M3U Playlist Support

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ — D-Link, an award winning designer,
developer and manufacturer of networking, communications and digital
electronic technologies, today launched its new D-Link Roq-it MP3 Jukebox
(Model DMP-HD610). The D-Link Roq-it is a powerful portable hard
drive-based MP3 Jukebox featuring a 10 Gigabyte (GB) hard drive that can
store over 150 hours of non-stop music and a large, easy to read blue
back-lit LCD screen that displays song title, album name, genre and other
track information contained in each MP3 file’s ID3 Tag.

“This Roq-it hard drive model really delivers the payload,” said Steven Joe
President of D-Link. “It is an ideal gift for Christmas with room for over
2,500 MP3 files, an affordable price and both Windows and Mac
compatibility. The Roq-it allows users to easily transport an entire
library of digital quality music with them anywhere.”

The Roq-it delivers breakthrough digital quality stereo MP3 playback. Plug
and Play software drivers combined with the USB interface ensures a fast
and easy installation of the MP3 Jukebox. When connected through the USB
interface, the Roq-it will show up as a new drive letter to allow a user to
employ drag and drop functionality from a PC or Mac to copy music to the
Roq-it. It is compatible with MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3) standards, which
provides audio compression specifications.

The D-Link Roq-it has all of the programming modes that are standard on
portable CD and MP3 players including: Repeat, Repeat All, Program, Random
and Random All. In addition, the D-Link Roq-it 10 GB Jukebox has preset
equalizer modes for Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classic and showcases a
user-definable preset equalizer mode that allows users to adjust the sound
of the Roq-it to their particular taste.

Up, Down, Left and Right buttons on the face of the Roq-it control
navigation to a particular song or album. The Key-pad Lock feature disables
the use of all buttons so that the user cannot accidentally change any
function. Further flexibility is added to the Roq-it with the included
infrared remote control for ease of use from a distance. The Roq-it 10 GB
provides an audio jack for connection to earphones or playing through
speakers. A Line-Out stereo jack is also provided that enables the
connection to an external audio input.

With 10 GB of hard drive capacity, the D-Link Roq-it provides up to 150
hours of digital-quality music and other recordings using the popular MP3
standard. In addition, Roq-it 10 GB can also double as a portable external
hard drive so that users can copy any file (such as word processing
documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics) to the Roq-it Jukebox in
the same manner as a floppy disk. The hard drive compartment can be opened
easily to replace the hard drive with separate 2.5″ hard drives. The
capacity of the hard drive is limited only to the capacity of 2.5″ laptop
hard drives available. The Roq-it 10 GB’s USB interface allows for a full
800 KB of bandwidth to deliver music file transfers at blazing speeds.

Five minutes of Electronic Shock Protection (ESP) is supplied by 2
Megabytes of DRAM buffer to ensure constant playing without skipping. The
included Lithium-Ion Rechargeable battery will give users up to eight hours
of listening enjoyment and the provided AC Power Adapter also functions as
a battery charger. The Roq-it 10 GB is usable out of the box with included
headphones, shoulder strap, carrying case and USB cable for a complete
Digital Audio Package. The D-Link Roq-it is compatible with Windows XP,
Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98SE, Windows 98, and Mac OS 9 and above.

Price and Availability

The D-Link Roq-it 10 GB MP3 Jukebox (DMP-HD610) is available now through
authorized retail, reseller, and distribution partners at a Manufacturer’s
Suggested Retail Price ESP of $209. The Roq-it 10 GB MP3 Jukebox comes with
a 1 Year Warranty and absolutely FREE Technical Support including firmware

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