VPN Tracker and SonicWALL – The Perfect Pair

The Latest release of VPN Tracker, the market-leading Mac VPN-client from
equinux, will have SonicWall/Mac-users jumping with joy.

Paris, 09/20/2005: Today the software developer equinux announced, live
from show-floor of Apple expo – Paris show-floor, a major version update
for their widely-used VPN Client, VPN Tracker. VPN Tracker 4.5 is the only
VPN-Client for Mac OS X that supports SonicWall’s DHCP over IPsec truly
making it the world’s premier VPN Solution for Mac OS X.

DHCP over IPsec makes it easier to setup a VPN connection with SonicWALL’s
VPN-Appliances. “Client Provisioning” is the magical word; this enables a
direct download of the VPN-configuration from the SonicWALL VPN-gateway
thereby eliminating the need to manually configure each users’ computer.

The deployment and management of VPN-installation, through this technology,
will be simplified to an extreme. No more individual configuration-files
will be needed. This information will be supplied directly from the central
configuration of your VPN-Gateway.

“We are very excited that Mac-users with VPN Tracker 4.5 can now gain
access more easily to their SonicWALL-based VPN Solution,” said Ortwin
Gentz, CTO of equinux. “Our collaboration with SonicWALL has been an
excellent experience that is sure to be a great benefit for all

Alongside DHCP over IPsec for SonicWALL VPN-Gateways, VPN Tracker also
supports Client Provisioning via “Mode-Config,” used by a variety of
VPN-gateway manufacturers like Cisco and Juniper.

Both methods serve to automatically distribute the needed
configuration-parameters, such as IP address, DNS-information, etc., from
the VPN Gateway to the client. In large VPN implementations, “Client
Provisioning” is a must. equinux is offering the VPN Tracker 4.5 update
free to all registered VPN Tracker 4.x users. This update is available at
www.equinux.com/vpntracker/download. Purchases and upgrades from VPN
Tracker 3.x can be made at the equinux Online Store – www.equinux.com/store.

equinux, located in Boston, Massachusetts and Munich, Germany, is a market
leader in software solutions for the Mac OS X platform. The company’s
expanding product portfolio includes both professional (VPN Tracker Server,
APC Tracker, MacDial) and consumer software (iSale, TamTam, iTranslate).
For more information about equinux please visit www.equinux.com or