Apple Introduces Major Enhancements to .Mac

New Features include Groups, Backup 3, Increased Storage & French & German

APPLE EXPO, PARIS–September 20, 2005–Apple today announced a significant
update to .Mac, the membership-based online service that combines the
simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh with the power of the Internet to
facilitate group communication and make sharing, storing and protecting
digital photos and videos easier than ever. New features include: .Mac
Groups, a service that helps members communicate, coordinate schedules and
stay in sync with private groups of friends or colleagues; an updated
version of .Mac Backup software that makes it easy for members to archive
their iLife and other important files; a four-fold increase in combined
iDisk and email storage to 1GB for individuals and 2GB for families; and
full French and German localization.

“.Mac provides the simple and elegant online experience consumers expect
from Apple,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications
Marketing. “By tapping into the power of the Internet from within the
applications they use the most, .Mac members around the globe have
discovered a better way to experience the Internet.”

New .Mac features include:

* .Mac Groups: .Mac members can now easily create private, ad-free online
communities that make it easy for family, friends and private groups to
communicate, coordinate and share digital media. With .Mac Groups, members
can send emails to the entire group using a single address; post files,
pictures and movies with a common group iDisk; publish group web pages and
post links to other sites; and keep up-to-date with the latest group events
with a shared iCal calendar.

* Backup 3: .Mac Backup has been redesigned from the ground up resulting in
easier setup, quicker backups and the ability to seamlessly automate the
process so users don’t have to remember to run a backup. New features
include the ability to automatically back up iLife content, Home folder,
iTunes purchased music, and other Mac essentials. Built-in Mac OS X “Tiger”
Spotlight search capabilities make it easy to select specific files to
backup, while incremental backups help to save time and media costs.

* Increased Online Storage: .Mac members now have four times more online
storage space than before to host their email messages, documents and
digital media files. Storage for individual members has increased to 1GB of
combined email and iDisk space, .Mac Family Pack customers now receive 2GB
of combined storage. Members can utilize their storage any way they choose
dedicating more or less storage space to email or their iDisk. Individuals
or Family Pack members can optionally purchase an additional 1GB of storage
for $49.95 (US) annually.

* French and German Localization: In addition to English and Japanese,
localized versions of the .Mac website are now available in French and

In addition to these new features, other .Mac services include: HomePage,
for simple yet attractive personal web sites with just a few clicks; iDisk,
a virtual hard drive in the sky for providing access to files from anywhere
at any time; .Mac Sync, which keeps Safari bookmarks, iCal calendars,
Address Book information, keychains (passwords), and Mac OS X Mail
preferences up-to-date across multiple Macs and available via web browser
when users are away from their Mac; .Mac Mail, a world-class, ad-free email
service; and Learning Center, featuring tutorials for popular Apple
software applications.

Enhancements to .Mac take online communication and sharing to the next
level by opening up HomePage, iDisk, Mail and iCal to groups of friends,
colleagues and acquaintances, providing members with more online storage
space to house their increasingly growing digital media assets, all while
making the process of backing up their valuable memories easier than ever.

Pricing & Availability

..Mac is available as a subscription-based service for $99.95 (US) per year
for individuals and $179.95 (US) for a Family Pack which includes one
master account and five sub accounts. Customers save $30 (US) on either the
individual subscription or the Family Pack when purchased with a new
Macintosh (terms apply) and anyone can sign up for a free, 60-day .Mac
trial from Recommended browsers include Safari 1.2 or later or
Firefox 1.0.1 or later (Macintosh) and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or
later or Firefox 1.0.1 or later (Windows). Recommended systems include Mac
OS X v10.3.9 or Mac OS X v10.4.2 or later with a minimum of 128MB of RAM.
Internet access requires a compatible ISP; fees may apply. Broadband
Internet connection is recommended for Mac and Windows users.

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