September 19, 2005

Leading-Edge Global Technology Company Located In Lethbridge Launches
Premiere Online Community Website Product

Lethbridge, AB…Spymac Network Inc. today demonstrated the recently
released Spymac 4 — the world’s most innovative online community — from
its development base in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The demonstration was
held at the Lethbridge Community College with special guest, actress Leslie

Co-founder and CTO Kevin April said, “Spymac 4 takes emerging technologies
— like podcasting, RSS and blogging — to the next level by integrating
them into its community, which involves nearly one million members and
spans more than 135 countries. We are creating the world’s most powerful
online social network and, with Spymac 4, anyone can connect their ideas,
work, products and services with anyone else in the world quickly and

The company’s new premium service, Spymac Club, features an unsurpassed 9
GB of storage space — 3 GB e-mail, 3 GB gallery space, and 3 GB of file
and web site storage. A Spymac Club subscription costs $25 USD per year and
unlocks functionality that lets members effortlessly share their files,
bookmarks, multimedia, web site and blog with specific groups of friends or
contacts. Club members also get access to Spymac’s desktop software, are
given tools to build their own online community and can easily earn money

April added, “We’re two to four years ahead of competition like Google,
Yahoo and Apple in terms of building easy-to-use, active online
communities. Spymac 4 gives users everything from e-mail and forums to
multimedia galleries, desktop integration and e-commerce services for the
masses. There’s nothing else out there like it.”

To launch Spymac 4, the company invested in a multi-million dollar cluster
system to create what’s possibly the most powerful hardware powering any
third-party Macintosh site in the world. These operations are based in
Dusseldorf, Germany.

Co-founder Holger Ehlis, President & CEO based in Dusseldorf, said,
“Countless dual-processor servers, several redundant storage systems and
high speed fiber-channel connectivity ensures blazing speed, performance
and reliability, and gives us the scalability needed to grow for years to

Cheryl Dick, CEO of Economic Development Lethbridge, said, “Having this
type of successful global technology company with operations based in
Lethbridge demonstrates how competitive our city is in the international
marketplace. This is an exceptional addition to the growing economic
diversity in Lethbridge and we are very proud to have Spymac here.”

“Lethbridge is a knowledge-based community with experts in many fields. The
addition of a leading-edge technology firm enhances our cities position in
a global marketplace and we wish Spymac all the best in their continued
success.” said Lethbridge Mayor Bob Tarleck.

April added, “We deliberately selected Lethbridge as a base when we
researched possible locations. With the low cost of doing business,
exceptional quality of life, and the hub location in terms of access to
technology cities like Seattle and San Francisco, we knew this would be a
strong foundation for growth.”

“Spymac’s growth has been impressive and we are excited about the new
release,” said actress Leslie Bega, whose film credits include “Get
Shorty,” “Mobsters” and “Dating Games People Play.” Leslie is involved with
Spymac partner and is based out of California.

Spymac Network Inc. was the first company to introduce a free one gigabyte
(GB) e-mail service to the public back in April 2004. With Spymac 4, all
members receive 1 GB of web site storage, 1 GB of storage to share music,
photos and movies, and will maintain their 1 GB e-mail account.

Spymac Network Inc., established in 2001, is a New York City corporation
with offices in Dusseldorf, Germany and Lethbridge, Alberta. It employs 25
people, plus several freelancers, and more growth is anticipated for web
development staff in the Lethbridge office. With a registered membership
quickly approaching one million, ( is
one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet and the company can be
reached at 1-866-5-SPYMAC (779622).