Sonnet Technologies today announced the introduction of its new PowerBook G4 TiBook processor upgrade service for PowerBook G4 550 MHz and 667 MHz (VGA) models. The upgrade features a Freescale 7457 G4 processor running at 1.2 GHz, and is equipped with 512K L2 onboard cache (twice the original processor’s) running at full processor speed. “The entire process is simple and worry-free. After receiving the order, Sonnet sends out a custom, padded shipping box for the PowerBook. The customer packs the PowerBook, ships it back to Sonnet, where it is inspected, upgraded and tested, and then packed and shipped back. The customer merely needs to unpack the upgraded TiBook and enjoy the extra speed.” The PowerBook G4 TiBook upgrade service cost is US$499.95 plus tax (where applicable) and shipping.