Diagram Programming Source Code in Minutes

Placitas, NM — September 14, 2005 – Excel Software began shipping
MacTranslator OSX 1.0, a reengineering tool for generating graphic models
of programming source code on Mac OS X computers. MacTranslator scans
source code to extract design information that it outputs to a text file.
That text is imported into the MacA&D modeling tool to automatically
generate UML class models, structure charts and rich data models.

MacTranslator enables developers to generate accurate models of unfamiliar
code in minutes. Through a mix of options and translation commands,
MacTranslator can process over a hundred programming language dialects of
C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, C++, Java, Object Pascal, Delphi, Objective-C
and SQL. Programming models help developers understand, reuse, maintain and
forward engineer new software. A developer can click through generated
diagrams, select a diagram object and click directly to the associated
source code.

Used in conjunction with the MacA&D modeling tool, MacTranslator allows
software developers to automatically generate UML class diagrams and an
integrated dictionary from Java, C++, Object Pascal/Delphi and Objective-C
source code. In addition to class, attribute and operation entries, the
captured dictionary includes details like data types, argument lists and
descriptive comments.

Structure charts generated from C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran code can
illustrate the calling structure of procedural programs. In a multi-task
environment, each thread of execution yields a separate structure chart
representing an inverted tree of connected modules (functions and

Database designers can generate logical and physical data models from an
SQL schema for popular RDBMS products including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Sybase, Informix and InterBase. Rich data models represent tables, views,
constraints, assertions, triggers, indexes, procedures and other SQL

Macintosh, Linux and Windows text files terminate each line with a carriage
return, line feed or carriage return and line feed, respectively.
MacTranslator accepts source code from any computer and has commands to
change line endings. The Reengineer Project dialog steps a user through a
fully automated reengineering process. MacTranslator handles large projects
with over a million lines of code and hundreds of code folders.

MacTranslator OSX is priced at $495 for a Single User License and runs on
Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Contact Excel Software for site license pricing or
visit www.excelsoftware.com for product and ordering information.