September 12th, 2005

Aquatic Releases AquaticPrime 1.0 – Secure Software Licensing System

Knoxville, TN. – Aquatic today has released the world’s first open source
software licensing system with AquaticPrime, a toolkit that helps shareware
developers to protect their applications against software piracy.
AquaticPrime provides developers with an unparalleled level of flexibility
and security, while remaining free from exorbitant fees and copyright

AquaticPrime provides an application for license management along with
source code and libraries suitable for use in both Cocoa and Carbon
applications, and also provides a PHP-based implementation that can be used
to generate licenses files on a webserver.

AquaticPrime 1.0 is available immediately for download from and is provided free of charge for users of Mac OS X
10.3 or later.

About Aquatic

Aquatic is an independent Macintosh software company founded by Lucas
Newman in 2005. Aquatic creates innovative tools for developers so they can
spend more time improving their products while retaining more of their