Font Pilot 2.0

We’ve just released the latest incarnation of our popular font management
utility! Font Pilot allows you to browse and inspect each font on your
computer… including ones hidden by default!

The latest version includes complete Apple Type Services support which
means you can dig deep into your fonts and view the copyright, trademark,
description, license information, manufacturer, designer, designer’s URL,
and so much more! But, Font Pilot doesn’t simply view your fonts, it lets
you manage them!

Activate fonts on the fly without installing them, preview fonts before
installing them, or perform both of these operation on an entire hierarchy
of fonts within subfolder after subfolder. However, one of the most useful
features it the Font Renamer. You’ve probably experienced file name hell
when getting fonts from a PC. Most PC fonts have very non-descript file
names. Font Pilot can dig into these fonts, dig out their real name for
you, and rename the file!

With all these useful features, why not at least give it the free 15 day
trial to see if you like it 🙂 Upgrades are free for past users, and for
new users, the license fee is US$15.95.

Download your copy for Mac OS X today:

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