KickApps Corp. ( says the latest release of the KickApps App Studio will support HTML5, allowing marketers, brand managers and developers to create-customized, full-featured web applications via drag and drop.

This allows KickApps to integrate the existing Flash creation capabilities of the App Studio with support for custom media player creation for devices running Apple’s mobile operating system, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The App Studio provides users with a single authoring environment in which they can create customized video experiences that support both Flash and HTML5, with no coding required.

The App Studio also enables the creation of customized data-driven apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apps on these devices will appear and function as they do on Flash-enabled devices, and designers, and developers will be able to customize them with familiar scripting languages, CSS and JavaScript, says Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps.

KickApps also will be authoring in collaboration with Adobe a specification as an extension of the existing Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), enabling existing OSMF plug-in providers to be able to create plug-ins for the latest version of App Studio with minimal development, he adds. This plug-in architecture is used as the core framework for App Studio media players.