CPU Speed Menu 1.1 available now

The menu-bar tool “CPU Speed Menu” for easy switching of the processor
performance settings of Macintosh computers has been released in a new
version today. The application uses a minimalistic user interface that
allows to select the current speed of the CPU by a single mouse click. This
avoids lengthy procedures with the System Preferences program to achieve
the same effect. The software is especially helpful for users who often
switch between different performance settings, for example to execute
processor-intensive tasks. Switching manually to a performance setting
which fits best to current usage can extend battery capacity on portable
computers, and also helps to avoid noise problems with fans or power
supplies of desktop computers.

The applications needs at least Mac OS X 10.3.5 Panther or a version of
Tiger. It can be used on all Macintosh systems supporting variable
processing speeds. This includes all portable computers as well as most G5
systems. Being a menu-bar object it consumes no valuable screen space in
the Dock, and also needs no processing power while running in the

The new release uses a revised user interface, offers native support for
Intel-based Macintosh systems, and now supports multi-button mice. It can
be used with an English or German user interface. Version 1.1 is available
for download and testing on the web site . Unlocking all features of
the software is possible for a token fee of EUR 5.00 ($ 6.58). The update
is free for all registered users of a previous version.