I’m proud to anounce MPCP Network Classes 1.0 for REALbasic. It’s a package
that allows you to easily transmit arbitrary binary data over TCP/IP

Features are:

* supports “threaded” commands

* uses extensible, highly flexible custom protocol

* easy porting to other languages

* commands support arbitrary number of arguments

* grouping of commands into classes

* supports arguments with keys (association list-style arguments)

* progammer’s interface similar to Apple Events but simpler

* command registry ensures 100% compatibility to other applications

* it’s free

To download the small package, point your browser to


I have written the classes for my own application that will soon be
pusblished, and as there’s such a popular demand and so many questions
regarding sockets, I’ve chosen to publish them. The documentation is still
sparse but should get you started, the package is simple to use anyway.
Please do register all command classes and commands you intend to use in
real-world applications by sending email to mpcp-registry@peppermind.com.

Have fun & happy programming,


Erich Rast, Development & Money Burning