Slideshow Magic 4.0

We’re just dropping you a line to let you know about a MAJOR release that
just popped out the front door of earlier today. Slideshow
Magic 4.0 has now gone public and is ready for your immediate download!
This new version sports up to 25 new features, including the ability for
transitions, sound effects, audio tracks, customizable titles and so much

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Slideshow Magic, it’s our nifty
utility which allows you to combine as many photos as you’d like into a
multimedia slideshow. It’s PERFECT for business presentations, or
organizing a show of your vacation shots! Slideshow Magic sells for
shareware US$15.95, but is available for a free 15 day evaluation.

Unlike our competitors, your Mac or PC license will work on the alternative
platform. We’d never think about charging you twice for the same product –
that’s just ridiculous! So, sit back, relax and buy yourself something nice
🙂 In any case, see the bottom of this e-mail for the list of changes.

Grab your copy for Mac OS X here:

Or, if you’re a Windows XP user, this is the copy you’ll want:


Product Info Page:


Changes in this version:
*** New Feature: Many new video compression codecs.
*** New Feature: Transitions!
*** New Feature: Proper picture scaling, and options to not scale
large/small images.
*** New Feature: Sound effects per frame.
*** New Feature: In Bounds title placement.
*** New Feature: Title backgrounding.
*** New Feature: Global segment configuration options – no changing one
frame a time if desired!
*** New Feature: Frame preview.
*** New Feature: Frames can now be less than 1 second.
*** New Feature: Windows XP version now has all the features of the Mac
*** New Feature: Change title text color!
*** New Feature: Enhanced list area now showing duration, file type, path,
name and frame number!
*** New Feature: Preferences can now specify defaults for frames & movies.
*** New Feature: New document on startup can now be turned off.
*** New Feature: Recent menu item.
*** New Feature: Window menu.
*** New Feature: Software Update can now download the most recent version.
*** New Feature: Looping audio tracks.
*** New Feature: Recursively crawls through directories to add files, and
notifies if some cannot be added.
*** New Feature: Add Files option added for Windows users as drag and drop
will not work on a PC. User must select a folder of media.
*** New Feature: Save As function.
*** New Feature: Multiple slideshows open at once.
*** New Feature: WORKING option to flatten movies on a Mac for PC/Web users.
*** Bug Fix: Fixed a registration issue.