Captain FTP 4.3

Xnet Communications is pleased to announce the release of Captain FTP 4.3
which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

To improve the whole user experience Xnet have created a fun Widget fuelled
by Tiger’s Dashboard and present the impressive Mac Native help guide for
Captain FTP.

The New Captain FTP Widget can be used to quickly upload files to remote
servers by dragging the file from the desktop to the widget. The Captain
FTP Widget directly accesses the Captain FTP Address Book enabling quick
connection to all remote servers. A brand New Mac Native Help with context
access making sure help is never too far away when needed.

Captain FTP’s motto is “Making FTP Simple” and Captain FTP is packed full
of tools to make FTP simple and fun for users. These include the Transfer
Manager to manage, prioritize and Automate uploads/downloads, advanced
Synchronization, Captain FTP’s unique File Sharing which reduces the
workflow to complete projects complimented by the innovative Tabbed
Interface. There are many technical improvements, a couple of which are
described below:

“File/copy URL” options generates a URL with password making the URL
available for direct usage. Some servers change the permissions of files
after they have been uploaded making life difficult for users who must
change the permissions manually. Users can now request Captain FTP to
automatically sets the permissions of uploaded files by setting the
“Default Upload Permissions”.

Captain FTP 4.3 contains many, many more enhancements which can be reviewed
in full on the features page of our website:

“I do a lot of sharing of my files using Captain FTP’s file sharing. Also I
use it to transfer DV, DVCPRO, DVD’s HDV and HD footage with my company for
editing on Final Cut Pro 4.5 and now 5. Plain and simple it is easy to use.
If you do like to use directions and click your way around you’ve found
your FTP Program. If you are doing Timed FTP transfers and need an advanced
FTP this is for you too.” said Daniel Paul

Captain FTP is a shareware product and its license key costs $25. For an
additional $15 users can purchase Upgrade Protection which entitles users
to receive all upgrades and updates for free for 12 months.

The Captain FTP Widget is free for all users with Captain FTP 4.2 or higher
and can be downloaded from the link below:

Upgrade Protection provides the user with all updates and upgrades for 12
months from date of purchase. For more information about Upgrade
Protection, please see our Purchasing Guide below:

Similar to other shareware products Captain FTP is distributed only
electronically and you can find it on or
under the following links:


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