Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS X
Version 8.5 is here!

For nearly twenty years, Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS has been the standard for
remote control on the Mac OS. With it’s simple setup, intuitive,
user-friendly interface, and multiple security options, Timbuktu Pro for
Macintosh is the best remote control choice for your home, classroom or
small business.

With Timbuktu Pro, you can view the screen of a remote computer, or share
your screen with one or many remote computers to collaborate, teach or
provide technical support. Use your mouse and keyboard to operate distant
computers as if you were sitting right in front of them, send large files
without tying up email, and communicate by intercom, text chat or instant

New in Version 8.5:

Full file access: Assign full file access privileges on a user-by-user basis.

Help Desk Mode: In Help Desk Mode, the ability to make outgoing Timbuktu
connections goes away, so administrators can Timbuktu into their users’
machines, but those users cannot make outbound Timbuktu connections.

Check for update: Timbuktu now has a simple check for update feature, which
automatically notifies users if a newer version of Timbuktu is available.

Enhanced security settings: Timbuktu users can now turn off Timbuktu’s
TCP/IP responder, Bonjour responder, and limit incoming connections to
SSH-secured connections only.

Expanded desktop sharing: If you control a Mac 8.5 host with multiple
monitors, you can now see both displays simultaneously.

Remote keyboard and screen blanking: Timbuktu can now be set to blank the
remote monitor and lock the remote keyboard (on a user by user basis) when

Improved remote screen and mouse control: Scrolling along edges and to
corners is much smoother and easier when controlling a remote computer with
a larger display from a machine with a smaller display.

Faster high-speed connection performance: When controlling another 8.5
system over a high-speed connection such as a LAN, remote control functions
slightly faster.

Version 8 Includes:

Stream Encryption and Compression: Timbuktu Pro version 8 supports SSH to
encrypt and compress Timbuktu Pro connections. In addition to providing
secure connections, SSH compression may increase Timbuktu Pro performance.

System Authentication: Leveraging the security of the OS X platform,
Timbuktu users can now authenticate using OS X usernames and passwords.

Reverse Connection Support: This allows you to drag and drop files directly
from the screen sharing window to your own desktop, without opening a new
connection, even if you’re connected through a NAT router or firewall.

Push Installation: You may now push install Timbuktu Pro onto computers you
administer which have enabled Remote Login. This process will also upgrade
Timbuktu Pro on computers that are running a Timbuktu Pro version older
than the version on your computer.

Remote Configuration Options: Using the push-install feature you can
distribute Zones files, Timbuktu Pro preferences, site keys, and activation

Rendezvous Integration: Timbuktu Pro version 8 supports Rendezvous —
Apple’s zero-configuration networking technology. It’s one more way to
easily find and connect to other users!

Plus, Rendezvous can assist you with finding computers for push
installation, by displaying all computers with remote login enabled, even
if they do not yet have Timbuktu Pro installed.

Ask for Permission Enhancements: Add another layer of access control by
requiring your Registered Users to ask for permission before each
connection. You will be able to allow or deny the incoming connection
before it occurs.

Exchange Permission Enhancements: Exchange service permissions have been
improved. When remote users establish system authenticated connections to
your computer, they will be granted the same file-system access privileges
that are assigned to the Mac OS X user profile with which they logged in.