Damon Myers

X-Cal and X-Cal-Multi Now Available

November 16, 1998 – CalendarServe has announced the release of X-Cal v1.0.3
and X-Cal-Multi v1.0.2e, its high-performance calendar plug-ins for WSAPI
compatible Macintosh webservers.

X-Cal-Multi is designed specifically for Web Presence Providers and
Educational or Corporate Webmasters who wish to set up multiple,
independent calendars.

X-Cal offers webmasters an inexpensive way to add a single interactive
calendar to their website.

Both X-Cal and X-Cal-Multi offer a combination of price, performance,
features, and ease of use that put them it in a class by themselves. They
are, in fact, the only calendar web-server plug-ins available for the
Macintosh platform.

Features Include:

* 100% browser-based administration for simple administrative
* Numerous display formats.
* Templates for customized calendars consistent with your or your
client’s website.
* 3 levels of security allow you to set access privileges for each
* International versions available in different languages and 24 hour
time and monday starting week options.
* Year 2000 compliant.
* Plug-in architecture.
* Blazing performance!

To try out the X-Cal calendar plug-ins, visit
( or contact
Damon Myers ( for more information.

2243 47th St, NW
Washington, DC 20007 (703) 288-7450 Voice