Attention Mac Community, and WebMasters:

MacTech Magazine is issuing a call to action to help Hurricane Katrina Victims.

If you have the space on your web site for web banners, or other forms of
messages, you can help the Red Cross with donations.

The way you do this is by going to the Red Cross web site, on the page
specifically set up with banner graphics. Here you will see the Red Cross’
banners, and their conditions for use. Instructions on filling out the
form are self-explanatory, and the graphics are right there for you to see.

MacTech already has put up these banners on its web site, and encourages
the Mac community to do the same.

Please note: The Red Cross web site is getting very high traffic right now,
so you may need to keep trying to get to the above URL.

If you are running news stories about how to support the Hurricane victims,
MacTech will have information on how to help posted on the MacTech home
page for a while.

The MacTech Magazine Team