— New SyncDeK Server, JDBC Support, and Streamlined Installation Make
SyncDeK Data Replication More Powerful Than Ever for Centralized and
Decentralized Solutions —

PHOENIX, Ariz., August 29, 2005 — FileMaker Developer Conference —
WorldSync, Inc., leading provider of tools for synchronization between
FileMaker(R) Pro databases, today announced its new SyncDeK(R) 6.0,
shipping Sept. 6 upon return from FileMaker DevCon. WorldSync today also
announced SyncDeK 6 is compatible with the FileMaker 8 product line.

Now for the first time, FileMaker developers can provide centralized
synchronization in SyncDeK-enabled solutions with a totally new SyncDeK
Server. Streamlined for easier installation and configuration, SyncDeK 6
now also offers JDBC support, direct synchronization for FileMaker Server
Advanced, enhanced Version Update Manager (VUM), and much more.

“SyncDeK gives FileMaker consultants and developers the tools they need for
intelligent bi-directional data replication in modern solutions for today’s
mobile working communities,” explained Jason Erickson, founder and CEO of
WorldSync, Inc. “SyncDeK 6 is another huge leap forward in our quest to
make data replication accessible, while powerful. We have greatly reduced
the installation requirements to configure your solutions for
synchronization. SyncDeK Server, JDBC, enhanced VUM, and other technology
advances make SyncDeK 6 a compelling component of any FileMaker solution.”

SyncDeK provides the techology to deliver solutions that distribute data to
mobile workers, remote users, multiple sites, and customers and prospects
all over the globe. SyncDeK revolutionizes data synchronization and
replication with cost-effective, powerful technology that is elegantly
simple for users, and now easier than ever to set up and administer.

New SyncDeK Server and Set-up Made Simpler SyncDeK Server centralizes the
direct, encrypted synchronization of data from an unlimited number of
distributed database users and servers. SyncDeK 6 also continues to support
its original email protocol-based, decentralized data distribution method.

Now, for developers of solutions based on FileMaker Pro versions 7 and 8,
new JDBC support enables continuous synchronization executed completely in
the background for both networked and single-user environments. SyncDeK 6
now also enables solutions built on FileMaker Server Advanced to directly
synchronize as a background service, either on the host machine or from a
secondary machine across the network or Internet.

Enhanced VUM capabilities in SyncDeK 6 now support automatic version
updates for remote FileMaker Servers. SyncDeK’s Server VUM capabilities
allow developers to automatically distribute changes to the database
structure as pre-scheduled events using the FileMaker Server scheduling
mechanism, or manually either from the local machine or remotely.

Radically streamlined, the installation and configuration process for
SyncDeK 6 requires significantly less expertise and effort than ever
before. Now, installation with SyncDeK 6 involves the addition of four
required fields, the creation of a single FileMaker account with xDBC
access, and the addition of a single SyncDeK database file that designates
a table occurrence for each table to be synchronized.

“SyncDeK has been recognized as a terrific migration tool for developers
moving from FileMaker 6 to either FileMaker 7 or FileMaker 8,” continued
Erickson. “For server users, particularly, SyncDeK 6 is uniquely equipped
to make the transition more smooth.”

Compatibility, Availability and Pricing
SyncDeK 6 is compatible with FileMaker 6, FileMaker 7 and FileMaker 8 on
Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows 2000. SyncDeK 6 will ship on Tuesday,
Sept. 6, 2005 upon return from FileMaker DevCon. SyncDeK 6 modules include:
SyncDeK Single-user Engine, SyncDeK Network Engine, SyncDeK Server and
SyncDeK Developer. Combinations of SyncDeK engines are included in three
available “starter kits” which are value priced starting from US$1999.

The new SyncDeK Server is priced at US$999 for direct, encrypted
synchronization of data between distributed users and servers. The SyncDeK
Developer Kit is priced at US$499 for configuring, testing and deploying
SyncDeK Single-user Engines and SyncDeK Network Engines. SyncDeK Developer
Kit includes the SyncDeK Developer Tool and an unlimited quantity of
test-engine keys.

SyncDeK Single-user Engines and SyncDeK Network Engines are compatible with
FileMaker (versions 6, 7 and 8). For deployment, a SyncDeK Single-user
Engine is priced at US$249, and a SyncDeK Network Engine is priced at

SyncDeK, SyncDeK Server and SyncDeK Developer Kit are sold and supported
directly by WorldSync, Inc. at ( Fully
functional evaluation packages are also available upon request from the Web

About WorldSync, Inc.
WorldSync, Inc. develops SyncDeK, the award-winning tool for distributing
data among FileMaker Pro applications any time, anywhere. SyncDeK offers
data replication for the rest of us, empowering today’s mobile workgroups
and collaborative communities with simple, powerful and trustworthy
technology. WorldSync, Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in
Berkeley, Calif. Further information about WorldSync, Inc. and SyncDeK can
be found at (