Econ Technologies Adds Archiving to ChronoSync

August 24, 2005 — Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync, the automated
synchronization and backup application for Mac OS X, to version 3.1. This
major update adds complete file archiving capabilities to synchronizations.
Now you can go back in time to restore and view older files. Download
ChronoSync 3.1 and try the demo or purchase it for only $30. As always,
existing ChronoSync users update for free.

ChronoSync makes archiving easy. When archiving is activated, ChronoSync
will not replace or delete older files but move them to an archive so they
can be accessed if needed. Archived files are managed from a list where you
can quickly find the file’s name, type, version number, archive date, and
file date. Select any file to open, restore, or save it to a new location.
Set the archive parameters to save older files based on a specific number,
length of time, or a combination of both. With ChronoSync, previous
versions of files are just a click away.

Additionally, ChronoSync 3.1 contains several new features and bug fixes.
Synchronized files on Tiger now maintain extended attribute metadata and
access control lists. Compare and Delete commands have been added in the
Trial Synchronization window. The Delete command has been enhanced so files
can be deleted immediately, moved to the trash or moved to the Archive.
Also, a monthly option was added to scheduling. For a complete list of new
features go to the Econ Technologies website.

ChronoSync is the easy way to synchronize or backup files and folders.
Synchronize between folders on your Mac, other Macs, PCs, external drives
or iPods. Set up a sync document to schedule and automatically mount
volumes so your syncs and backups are never missed. With ChronoSync you can
do a lot more than just copy data, you can manage data too. Exclude files
and folders, check the current sync status of files, even run trial
synchronizations to see what will happen before it happens.

ChronoSync 3.1 is a free upgrade to all existing users. We constantly
improve our products and all updates are free. At Econ, no user is left
behind. ChronoSync requires Mac 10.2.8 or later. Purchase ChronoSync for
$30.00 or try the demo on our web site (

Econ Technologies, Inc. creates applications built exclusively for the Mac
OS X operating system including ChronoSync, Portraits & Prints, DayChaser,
and ImageCaster. Econ Technologies has been creating Apple software for
over 15 years.