OpenOSX Ships OpenWeb 3.0

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–August 22nd, 2005– OpenOSX today
began shipping OpenWeb 3.0, a complete, ready-to-use, stand-alone
application featuring Apache 2.0.54, with a host of fully-configured web
applications, servers and extensions. The new OpenOSX product is the first
version of OpenWeb requiring zero installation and support for Mac OS X
10.4 “Tiger”, bringing major new versions of most all of the included
software while adding a functional “wiki” that allows for user
generated/editable content.

The OpenWeb product is designed to empower webmasters with a wide range of
popular configured tools as fast, conveniently and easily as possible. The
OpenWeb application embeds a ready-to-use, fully-integrated suite of
popular server software and web-applications including: a secure shopping
cart, a content management and publishing system, a “wiki” for user
contributed content, web-based graphical server administration tools
(supporting DNS, SSL, Apache, MySQL, Samba and more), SQL database
backends, a search engine/spider, bulletin board systems, advertising
management, project collaboration, a workgroup web-based calendar, and more.

The OpenWeb product is based on Apache version 2.0.54 with PHP 5.0.4,
Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.31 with mod_jk 1.2.4, mod_perl 2.0.2, MySQL 4.1.13 and
mod_ssl 2.0.54. The included, completely-configured web applications
include: phpShop 0.8, PhpWiki 1.2, PHP-Nuke 7.8, PhpCollab 2.5rc3, PhpDig
1.8.8rc1, phpMyAdmin 2.6.3, phpBB 2.0.17, phpAdsNew 2.0.5, phpPolls,
WebCalender 1.0.0, phpSysInfo and more.

Apache 2 offers many new features over versions included with Mac OS X
offering performance enhancements and increased scalability. Tomcat along
with mod_jk allows the serving of Java Server Pages and Servelets directly
from the web server without the need to use an awkward port number. Perl
with the mod_perl module enables a persistent Perl interpreter embedded in
the web server; avoiding the overhead of starting an external interpreter
and alleviating the penalty of Perl start-up time, benefiting fast dynamic

The OpenOSX OpenWeb product brings all this and more without any
installation whatsoever; OpenOSX claims that conventionally installing and
integrating all of this software can be quite challenging even to seasoned
system administrators.

The OpenWeb package is available immediately for us$60, also complementary,
specially priced, O’Reilly book bundles and 6-month, hassle-free
CD-subscriptions are available. Limited installation support and
documentation is included. Visit the OpenOSX web site for more details

OpenOSX is a company dedicated to serving, and expanding, the Macintosh
community. Founded on the premise that many computer users are intimidated
by the UNIX command-line, OpenOSX committed itself to one mission- bringing
popular Unix software to both the “Unix-challenged” and the seasoned, Mac
inclined system administrator in a friendly, Mac environment.