Introducing Serene Saver — First Ever Animated Desktop For The Macintosh

Fountain Valley, CA (August 17th, 2005) — Kachikian Consulting today
announced the release of Serene Saver, an unprecedented animated desktop
application for Apple Macintosh personal computers. Serene Saver is truly
unique because it blends the traditional screen saver with an all-new
animated desktop where static desktop images are replaced by motion imagery
of beautiful nature scenes, artistic impressions, and spiritual awakenings.
“Serene Saver brings a bit of serenity to your daily computer life and is
kind of like a window into the world right on your own desktop”, says
designer Kevin Kachikian.

Serene Saver presents various tranquil nature scenes, captured entirely
with High-Quality and High-Definition cameras, on your desktop as you work.
Subtle background sounds suggest serene outdoor environments rich with
waterfalls, ocean air, wildlife and warm summer breezes. Possibly even more
enticing to some, Serene Saver offers users the ability to submit their own
homegrown Serene Scenes to share among the Serene Saver community. This
additional functionality opens up an entirely new world of as-yet
unforeseen scenes such as cityscapes, vacation highlights and memorable
family and friend’s milestones.

Currently there are over two-dozen unique scenes with many more to follow.
Upon registration, the entire Scene library is automatically downloaded
with categories including lush gardens, animals and pets, artistic
montages, ocean tranquility, skyscapes, and other serene and creative
imagery. As more Scenes become available, they are downloaded weekly at no
charge and automatically appear on registered users desktops.

Serene Saver runs on Mac OS X versions 10.3 and up. The program requires a
G4 (867 MHz or faster) or G5 Macintosh with at least 512MB of RAM. 250MB+
of available hard disk space is also required for the Scene library. A
high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended in order to download
the scenes, although not required.

Serene Saver is available for $29.95 for a single computer registration and
$49.95 for a 5-computer license. A site license is available for $99.95.


Kachikian Consulting has been designing custom Macintosh hardware and
software solutions since 1984 working in such diverse areas as speech
synthesis, educational software, digital audio and music applications, 3D
graphics and other software and hardware. Serene Saver is the company’s
flagship consumer software product.