Etnus TotalView 7.01 Features Enhanced Apple Mac OS X Support

NATICK, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 17, 2005–Etnus, the provider of the
most advanced debugger on Linux and UNIX, announces the availability of
version 7.01, featuring enhanced support for the Apple Mac OS X platform.

With this release, developers working on Mac OS X will have access to the
TotalView’s extensive Visualization tools. The Visualizer reveals hard to
see patterns, anomalies and problems within data sets. Researchers,
scientists, and software engineers developing critical complex code have
long prized TotalView’s visualizer as a critical aid in finding and
eliminating elusive bugs, and now it is available on the Apple Mac OS X

TotalView is an advanced 32- and 64-bit graphical debugger providing
software engineers with complete control over applications written in C,
C++, or Fortran. It is the premium debugger for applications that use
multithreading, MPI, or OpenMP, offering advanced features, such as heap
allocation debugging, extensive data analysis, easy viewing of standard
template library data, and a vast array of unique capabilities to find and
eliminate problems in complex applications.

About Etnus

Etnus is the world’s leading provider of debugging and analysis solutions
for complex code. Etnus products provide software engineers with the
ability to visualize, control and correct complex applications running on a
wide variety of platforms and using one to thousands of processors. They
offer significant productivity gains in application development, helping to
eliminate the frustration, delays, and headaches inherent in analyzing
multi-process, multi-thread, and network-distributed applications
containing many lines of code or advanced programming techniques such as
MPI, threads, and OpenMP.

Etnus products are used in the development of applications in industries
such as weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas
exploration, CAD/CAM software development, automotive, aerospace, finance
and telecommunications. Privately held, Etnus offers its expanding product
line through worldwide resellers and direct sales.