Equilibrium Ships DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client/Server for Mac OS X to Enable
Creative Professionals to Automate Media Processing and Delivery on the
Desktop and Server

New automated features include Automator Action Pack creation, drag ‘n
droplets for unlimited batch processing tasks, support for Photoshop
layered files, and the ability to create end-to-end media processing
workflows with high-speed results delivered to any off-line or FTP location.

SEYBOLD CHICAGO, PRINT ’05, CONVERTING ’05, IL. — Equilibrium, the leader
in automated media processing and delivery solutions, today shipped
DeBabelizer Pro 6 for Mac OS X and server-ready for the new Equilibrium
DeBabelizer Server for Apple Xserve and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
Equilibrium’s desktop and server-side imaging software leverages the Mac OS
X version 10.4 “Tiger” next-generation operating environment to increase
business productivity, accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs
associated with digital media processing and multi-channel delivery.

“We have pioneered real-time media processing with our patented MediaRich
Server platform and are now pleased to announce the next generation of our
Macintosh product line,” said Sean Barger, Founder and CEO of Equilibrium.
“For the first time, existing DeBabelizer users are able to send their
workflows to our new Server product enabling instant off-loading of tasks
for high speed delivery to anywhere.”

As stand-alone automated media processing software, Equilibrium DeBabelizer
Pro 6 for Mac OS X enables desktop designers to automatically edit,
optimize and convert an unlimited number of images, animations and digital
video files for optimal delivery on the Web, mobile devices, DVDs, video
games, interactive applications and print.

For large workgroup environments and creative agencies, DeBabelizer Pro 6
is server-ready for the new Equilibrium DeBabelizer Server for Apple Xserve
and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, which when activated, enables multiple
users of the DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client to automatically process numerous
projects on the server and deliver the resulting media transformations to
any off-line location or FTP site, as well as deliver back to the Client
system when finished or Zip and send to anyone via e-mail. DeBabelizer Pro
6 Server includes Web client administration and progress reporting that
enable enterprise users to create server-side media processing workflows.

“We’re delighted with how the power and core graphics capabilities of Mac
OS X have been harnessed to address the needs of the creative community,”
said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
“Equilibrium’s new products provide excellent image manipulation and
management solutions that benefit creative professionals from the desktop
to the enterprise.”

New features in Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client for Mac OS X include:

* DeBabelizer Pro 6 for Mac OS X is workflow-enabled for dynamic
DeBabelizer Server on Xserve and Windows Server 2003. (Ships with free
30-day trial to DeBabelizer Server)

* DeBabelizer Pro 6 enhances the automated functionality of Tiger’s new
Automator feature with DeBabelizer Automator Action Pack creation. (Ships
with 50 free DeBabelizer Automator Actions)

* Easily create reusable drag and Droplets for client and server Workflows

* Render beautiful anti-aliased text overlays

* DeBabelizer Pro 6 for Mac OS X fully supports Adobe Photoshop CS layers.

* Automates hundreds of repetitive editing, optimization and file
translation tasks with a drag and drop.

* Monitored Hot folder feature, powerful conditional Workflow
functionality, and batch automation features expedite processing.

* Unrivaled control over color depth and palette optimization with
SuperPalette and dithering options.

Features in the new Equilibrium DeBabelizer Server include:

* Server-enabled for instant off-loading of tasks for high-speed delivery

* Packaging of original assets for processing on the server

* Delivery of derivative assets to any off-line location via e-mail or FTP

* Hot Folder “group” capability allowing drop, process and delivery from
any mounted folder to server

* Administrative interface and remote batch processing management

* Auto Zip and send of resulting files to colleagues, customers and partners

* Status and completion notification via SMS or e-mail

Pricing and Availability

Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client/Server for Mac OS X is now available.
In North America, DeBabelizer Pro 6 will ship at an estimated street price
of $399.95 (USD) for the stand-alone version through software distribution
channels and resellers. Upgrades from any earlier versions of DeBabelizer
are available for a limited time for only $199.95 (USD). The retail price
for Equilibrium DeBabelizer Server for Mac OS X/Xserve and Windows Server
2000/2003 is $3,999.95 (USD). To order direct, please call 866.EQUILIB or
+1.415.332.4343 ext. 4 or order online at www.equilibrium.com.

About Equilibrium

Founded in 1989, Equilibrium develops and markets automated media
processing and delivery solutions for the desktop, workgroup and
enterprise. Equilibrium’s patented DeBabelizer Pro 6 Client/Server and the
dynamic MediaRich Server enable content designers and information workers
to streamline digital production workflow and reduce costs through
automation. For more information, online ordering, video demonstration and
trial downloads, please call +1.415.332.4343 or visit Equilibrium’s Web
site at (http://www.equilibrium.com)www.equilibrium.com.