DropDMG 2.7 is now available.

DropDMG is the easiest way to create Mac OS X disk images. Just drag
and drop a folder or file, and DropDMG will create an image in
“.dmg”, “.img”, or “.smi” format–or a Tar, Zip, or StuffIt
archive. Or, you can drag an existing image or archive file onto
DropDMG to easily convert it to any of the other supported formats.
DropDMG supports encryption, segmented images, and custom icons, and it
can create images with rich-text license agreements in multiple
languages. There are many time-saving features such as temporary
preferences when you hold down Option, remembering recent folders,
configurations to keep track of popular combinations of settings, and
the ability to create more than one image or archive at a time. All the
options are available from Automator, AppleScript, and from the
“dropdmg” command-line tool.

New in Version 2.7:

* Added commands for burning folders, files, and disk images. As a
shortcut, you can initiate a burn by dragging and dropping onto the
status window or the DropDMG icon while holding down the Shift key.
Hold down Option and Shift when dropping a disk image if you want to
burn the image as a file, rather than burning its contents.

* Added smooth determinate progress bars for the longer steps when
creating disk images (requires Mac OS X 10.4).

* Progress windows now have a cancel button, an icon showing the kind
of file that’s being created, and an icon and title bar menu that
show the source file or folder.

* Added Quit When Done option; if selected, DropDMG will quit when
there are no longer any image, archive, or burn operations in

* The status window now has a pop-up menu for displaying and changing
the current configuration.

* Better creation of device images from multi-partition devices.

* Progress windows are now tiled (so they don’t overlap), and DropDMG
is better at remembering where you like to position them. Dragging a
progress window sets the preferred location for new progress

* The following File menu commands can now accept multiple selection,
so that you can operate on more than one image at a time: Fix
Image…, Get Image Info…, Mount Image (with Owners)…, Verify
Image Checksum….

* Improved scriptability. You can now access DropDMG’s windows, menus,
and other interface elements from AppleScript. You can also access
the current imaging and burning operations and cancel them. You can
initiate burns from AppleScript.

* Complete 2.7 Change List

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Price: $15; free update for registered users (1.0 through 2.6.3)
Download: (http://c-command.com/downloads/DropDMG-2.7.dmg)
More Info: (http://c-command.com/dropdmg/)