Monday, August 15th, 2005

SEATTLE, WA — Delicious Monster Software today released Delicious Library
1.5.1, a free upgrade to its award-winning application used to catalog and
share home libraries of books, movies, music, and video games.

Version 1.5.1 improves stability and reliability for users around the world
and includes improved lookup, import, and export results.

Delicious Library’s preexisting exclusive features include 30fps iSight
barcode scanning to import your stuff, beautiful photorealistic digital
shelves full of high-resolution 3D renderings of your covers (which makes
finding what you are looking for incredibly intuitive), Address Book and
iCal integrated checkout to keep track of who has your stuff, and smart
recommendations to help you find new things to add to your library.
Delicious Library also boasts automatic syncing with iPods, two-click
purchases from, and a native XML file format to give advanced
users direct access to all their library data.

Delicious Library costs $39.95, with an optional wireless Bluetooth laser
barcode scanner available for an additional $174.95. Owners of other
commercial collection packages will receive an upgrade discount of $10.00
and can easily import their existing collections into Delicious Library.


* Fixed a bug that prevented non-US Amazon servers from downloading cover

* Added a preference to select which country to try first when downloading

* Fixed an issue that could cause item or borrower information to stop
saving changes on Mac OS X Tiger

* Fixed an issue that prevented non-US Amazon servers from downloading
cover artwork

* EAN barcode lookups are now more robust on and servers

* Fixed a situation where some users outside the United States would have
the application crash immediately on launch

* Fixed an issue that caused exporting not to work under non-English
versions of Delicious Library

* Fixed an issue that could skip a row during tab-delimited importing if
that row did not contain at least a tab placeholder for every column

* Fixed an issue that would not properly import tab-delimited files that
contained CRLF line endings

* CDs now properly download and display their label/publisher

* Fixed an issue that could improperly classify contributors (e.g., actors
and composers) as main creator (e.g., director) of an item

* Fixed an issue that would warn DeliciTunes users of a corrupt library
even when the library was not actually corrupt

* Fixed a Bluetooth Wireless Scanner crasher that could be triggered by
quickly connecting and disconnecting

* Fixed a crasher that could occur when a custom item was emailed to a friend

* Searching your library for an item’s UPC now works properly

* Many changes to French and Japanese translations