Jahshaka 2.0 RC1 released

We are pleased to announce that Jahshaka 2.0RC1 has been announced ‘stable’
and has been released at (http://www.jahshaka.org/)http://www.jahshaka.org
! We put a lot of hard work into rewriting jahshaka as a framework that can
take us into the future and we look forward to your feedback!

Jahshaka 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the jahshaka core and so it took a
lot longer that we thought it would to get to a stable version. But since
its a rewrite, it comes with a lot of added power and functionality so we
hope its worth the wait!

In addition to a variety of improvements we have built a core architecture
that can take us into the future and that we can easily build on from here
on out to deliver much faster turnaround on major improvements. It will
also make it much easier for open source developers out there to join the
team and help to move us forward!

There are some cool screenshots of the 2.0 framework in action up on our
Screenshots page feel free to check them out! Linux and OsX build great
from the source and OsX, Linux and windows installers are available online.

Since this is the first Jahshaka 2.0 release candidate, we really need your
help in debugging and making it as stable as possible so please get
involved! Remember this is Free, Open Source Software!

Jahshaka 2.0 RC1 Includes

* the ability to mix and match cpu and gpu effects
* powerful media desktop with enhanced ui support
* powerful non-linear editor (linux only to start)
* fully revamped animation with real time 2d and 3d gpu effects
* fully revamped effects modules with initial node based compositing
* powerful 3d model support
* integrated gpu accelerated keyer
* revamped gpu color corrector
* web based asset browsing
* video paint
* XML project files
* private file sharing over the internet
* rpm lsb installers
* totally new, developer friendly code-base architecture!
* uses the Visual Media ‘openlibraries’ for plugin based expandability of
all 3d, gpu, shader, audio and media file formats