Waterfall Software Releases iVideo 3.0

VANCOUVER, BC — Waterfall Software today unveiled iVideo 3.0, a major
upgrade to the popular utility for storing and organizing your personal
movies. iVideo has been said to be the equivalent of iPhoto or iTunes for
your video files.

Released today, iVideo 3.0 has many new intuitive features. Some of these
great updates include major speed improvements all around, an updated user
interface, seamless drag and drop to other applications, support for more
file formats, and much more. iVideo 3.0 also fixes a numerous amount of
bugs from previous versions of iVideo.

The most powerful new feature in iVideo 3.0 is the ability to save any
movie library as a visually appealing web page, letting the user upload it
to a .Mac account or any other web server.

iVideo 3.0 is a free upgrade to previously registered users. New users can
purchase a registration key for $19.95. When registered, the “Please
Register” dialog no longer appears, and the ten movie limit is removed. You
can securely purchase your registration key from:

iVideo is compatible with Mac OS 10.2 or higher. You can download a free
trial copy at: