Print Version of Xcode Tools Book Released

August 5, 2005 — Me and Mark Publishing announces the release of the print
version of Mark Szymczyk’s book “Xcode Tools Sensei”. “Xcode Tools Sensei”
is a guide to the developer tools that ship with Mac OS X, covering 25
graphical and command-line tools. The print version costs $35(US), and free
shipping is available. Both the print and electronic versions of the book
can be purchased at xcodebook.html.

Some of the tasks you’ll learn in “Xcode Tools Sensei” include using Xcode
to create Mac OS X applications, creating user interfaces with Interface
Builder, profiling programs with Shark, finding memory leaks with
MallocDebug, and writing shaders with OpenGL Shader Builder. The book was
written for Xcode 2.1 to help you make the transition from PowerPC to Intel
processors. By reading “Xcode Tools Sensei” you can spend more time
creating, testing, and profiling your programs and less time wading through
Apple’s documentation.