July 25th, 2004

Nicecast Version 1.8 Arrives – It Gets Easier Every Day

Princeton, NJ – For almost two years, Rogue Amoeba has provided Nicecast,
the essential tool for live broadcasting on OS X. Today, a major update to
Nicecast has been released. Version 1.8 of the award- winning broadcasting
application brings with it several major new features as well as many
under-the-hood changes and bug fixes.

With Nicecast 1.8, setup is easier than ever. While Nicecast itself has
always been incredibly easy to setup, some networks require reconfiguration
to allow outside listeners. Nicecast 1.8 brings with it support for UPnP
(Universal Plug-And-Play) and NAT-PMP (Network Address Translation Port
Mapping Protocol) routers, which will automatically be configured as
needed. Most new LinkSys, Netgear and Apple routers support one of these
protocols, so users can get down to the business of broadcasting without
worrying about their network setup.

The new version also brings broadcasters enhanced security and control,
with the ability to kick listeners and password protect that stream. As
well, Nicecast will automatically block unwanted search engine robots from
tuning in on OS X 10.4. See the major updates for Nicecast below, then grab
the new version and start broadcasting!

Major Updates In Nicecast 1.8:

+ Stream Password-protection
+ Listener Kicking
+ UPnP and NAT-PMP support – Automatic network configuration, as needed.
+ Application Mixer Effects plugin, for pulling audio from multiple
+ System Audio input source option for grabbing all audio
+ Updated Effects Windows – now with more floating!
+ All-new Icecast 2 core for enhanced stability

Info & Links

Nicecast 1.8 is available immediately for download from http:// Nicecast 1.8 is a free update
for all previously registered users. New users are encouraged to test
Nicecast out and then purchase it, for just $40. Nicecast can be purchased
at Rogue Amoeba’s online store.

See Nicecast in action:

Nicecast information link:

Direct download link:

Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately held software company based
minutes outside of Princeton, New Jersey. Rogue Amoeba creates powerful,
innovative tools for OS X, and has a good time doing it. Rogue Amoeba’s
founders carry a tradition of superb Macintosh products, with a focus on
audio. Rogue Amoeba’s product line includes the wildly popular Audio Hijack
series for audio recording, the sound-routing utility Detour and the audio
broadcasting tool Nicecast.

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