New OpenBase SQL module for REALbasic supports headless applications Linux
and CGIs also supported

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — July 12, 2005 — OpenBase International
announces an open beta for a new REALbasic connectivity module for the
OpenBase SQL database — written in pure REALbasic code. In addition to
providing compatibility with the existing database API, the module is
suitable for console, CGI and other headless REALbasic applications.
OpenBase SQL is currently the only database to support headless REALbasic

The new database connectivity module is also compatible with Code Builder,
a database application code generator for REALbasic. Code Builder generates
a complete database access layer for databases that encapsulates database
operations in REALbasic objects. This layer insulates the programmer from
having to write and maintain SQL code, further increasing productivity and

The new REALbasic connectivity module supports REALbasic versions 5 and
beyond and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Contact
( to participate in the beta.

Details will be discussed at the SUMMIT 2005 Developers Conference.

SUMMIT 2005 Developers Conference

The SUMMIT 2005 OpenBase Developers Conference will be held at the famous
Mt. Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA, September
14-18, 2005. Visit
( for
conference details.

Attendees can choose from 34 technology and business sessions to better
leverage development environments to generate better software solutions,
faster. Hot new topics include: database integration with VoIP;
synchronization with QuickBooks; building headless REALbasic applications;
and building database interfaces with OpenBase Forms.

About OpenBase

OpenBase SQL relational database servers deliver the scalable performance
and fault-tolerant data protection e-business demands.

Proven in realworld applications since 1991, OpenBase SQL has become the
database of choice for innovative, business-critical applications on Mac OS
X and other popular computing platforms. In addition to database
performance and integrity, OpenBase SQL solutions come with
industry-leading features that are simply unavailable — or cost much more
— on other databases. These include built-in, server-based support for
Java stored procedures and e-commerce functions, such as credit card
payment processing and automated email correspondence.

OpenBase SQL databases run on all of today’s popular platforms: Mac OS X,
Linux, and Microsoft Windows; and support all of today’s open standard and
de facto tools and interfaces, with native support for WebObjects 5, Java,
SOAP, 4D, REALbasic, ODBC Support, PHP, Perl, Cocoa, and more. OpenBase
International also partners with other leading software providers to
deliver higher level solutions that further reduce cost and risk.