Asheville, North Carolina, July 11, 2005 –

Beckware LLC today announced the release of AcctVantage SOHO. Designed for
small businesses that have outgrown off-the-shelf accounting software,
AcctVantage SOHO provides enterprise level features and support at a
fraction of the cost of high-end accounting software.

AcctVantage SOHO is suitable for a wide variety of business types including
distribution, manufacturing, service and boutique retail. The system
features true double-entry accounting and uses a total business, integrated
approach with modules for Sales, CRM, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting,
Reporting and Job Costing.

Businesses that use both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems have
always struggled with sharing information across platforms. AcctVantage
SOHO is truly cross-platform; Macintosh and Windows machines can both
access SOHO simultaneously. SOHO’s client/server architecture is optimized
for speed and stability. And for added security, it runs exclusively on
your own network – your company data is not hosted on the Internet.

“I really like AcctVantage SOHO because of the true double-entry accounting
and audit trails that it keeps. Also, the reporting is terrific. I can
easily make my own reports for financials, sales, commissions, etc. without
relying on pre-built formats,” says Doug Jacobs, President, Restylers’

Many small businesses choose to make do with off-the-shelf software, or use
multiple systems to run their business. The cost of a truly integrated
business system has always been prohibitive to growing small businesses.
High-end systems typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus a
similar amount in installation and setup services just to get started.

“There has long been a wide gap between off-the-shelf software and
so-called high end systems that AcctVantage SOHO is designed to close. At a
price below $4,500, which includes all necessary setup services, small
businesses can now enjoy the features of an enterprise system without
spending tens of thousands of dollars,”says Beckware LLC President Dan
Beckett. “We are very happy to offer AcctVantage SOHO to the
Small/Mid-sized business market. SOHO is well-positioned to pick up where
off-the-shelf systems fall short. And with an easy upgrade path to our
flagship product, it’s a natural choice for growing businesses.”

Beckware LLC is a privately held software publisher headquartered in
Hendersonville, NC. Beckware focuses on providing accounting and business
management software to small businesses using the Macintosh operating