For immediate release

sPearCat web catalog publishing to ship with OpenBase SQL v9.0
sPearCat now available for Mac OS X Tiger

North Vancouver, BC — July 5, 2005 — sPearWay Ltd. announces that
sPearCat, a web catalog publishing and content management solution, will
now ship with an embedded copy of the latest release of the OpenBase SQL
database server, v9.0. The sPearCat content management solution also offers
Mac OS X Tiger compatibility.

“Simple is better,” says Pierre Frisch, President and founder of sPearWay
Ltd., “That’s why we decided to eliminate complexity by offering a single,
turn-key commercial database solution.”

sPearCat is a complete virtual showroom that manages the work-flow process
of creating online catalogs and internet based store-fronts.

sPearCat’s success is based on its unique ability to manage the entire
online cataloging process, from staging to deployment. sPearCat facilitates
input and review by graphic design, marketing and management, while
maintaining a single point of control over the process. When the web
catalog has been tested and approved for deployment, all it takes is a
click of a button to make it public.

The OpenBase SQL database is completely self-tuning, using its own built-in
intelligence to perform the routine database maintenance tasks that would
normally require an experienced database administrator on other database
systems. Together, sPearCat and OpenBase SQL free businesses to focus on
objectives, rather than technology.

About sPearWay Ltd.

sPearWay Ltd. is a provider of e-catalog publishing and consulting
services. sPearWay consultants design customized real-timesoftware and
advise companies on their software management. The company also offers
customized hosting solutions to clients with specialized needs.

About OpenBase

OpenBase SQL relational database servers deliver the scalable performance
and fault-tolerant data protection e-business demands.

Proven in realworld applications since 1991, OpenBase SQL has become the
database of choice for innovative, business-critical applications on Mac OS
X and other popular computing platforms. In addition to database
performance and integrity, OpenBase SQL solutions come with
industry-leading features that are simply unavailable — or cost much more
— on other databases. These include built-in, server-based support for
Java stored procedures and e-commerce functions, such as credit card
payment processing and automated email correspondence.

OpenBase SQL databases run on all of today’s popular platforms: Mac OS X,
Linux, and Microsoft Windows; and support all of today’s open standard and
de facto tools and interfaces, with native support for WebObjects 5, Java,
SOAP, 4D, REALbasic, ODBC Support, PHP, Perl, Cocoa, and more. OpenBase
International also partners with other leading software providers to
deliver higher level solutions that further reduce cost and risk.