February 10, 2003 — Software, a graphics design/software
company, releases a new product for OS 9/X, used to easily find replies to
posts made on InfoPop forums, such as

ThreadTracker is a freeware application developed for use with Infopop
forums, such as MacCentral’s forums ( All you have
to do is enter your user name and ThreadTracker will list your most recent
posts, and then count the replies to each post. It will tell you how many
replies are new since the last time you visit that post through

This program was made to help frequent forum users. No longer will you have
to check every post you have made, looking for a reply.

ThreadTracker is freeware, and will continue to be freeware in future
versions. It is being developed for the benefit of the Macintosh forum
using community. Future versions will see compatibility with more types of
forums. Software