Neuss, 06/25/2005

The new solution for PDF forms
Save filled out PDF forms in Acrobat Reader.

You cannot save form field values in Acrobat Reader. That is a weakness if
you want to fill in forms and edit form field content later again. When you
close the program all your data is lost. With pdf-FormServer 3.3 by
UNIVERSE Software, the annoyance of each and every PDF form is now cleared
away.Just one click and all form field data will be saved locally. Now this
solution is also available for Reader 7.

pdf-FormServer can be used locally on every desktop and now also as an
intranet or ever internet solution. You therefore simply have to setup the
Server Edition of pdf-FormServer once in your intranet or on your webserver
to provide every client with a save capability within the PDF form.

That way you keep your PDF forms unchangeable but enable all users to also
save their input. Of course they can open the forms again to edit and save

A demonstration version can be downloaded from the website
( The single user version is priced at USD 37.
Service and updates are included in this price.

Pure Java based pdf-FormServer is running on Win95, Win98, Win 2000, NT, XP
and Mac OSX