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4D Inc.’s Launch of MarketBlast Revolutionizes Auction Management Niche
with Simple Pricing Scheme

MarketBlast automates all the tasks eBay PowerSellers loath

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 24, 2005 – 4D, Inc., a 21-year-old leading maker of
software solutions that help businesses manage their data, today announced
the release of MarketBlast, an affordable and easy-to-use software program
that dramatically simplifies the process of listing and managing your items
on eBay. In an unusual move in this auction management niche, 4D is selling
MarketBlast for a one-time cost of $99, without any monthly service fees.

MarketBlast simplifies the way you bulk-list items, post photographs,
manage inventory, invoice winners, calculate postage, ship items and report
sales. All of these tasks can be done locally on your own Windows or
Macintosh computer, and the information can be uploaded onto eBay’s Web
site with a single click of a mouse.

“MarketBlast is the leader of a new generation of eBay auction management
tools,” said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO of 4D, Inc. “MarketBlast
provides all of the functionality auction sellers need from inventory
management to consignment management to shipping with the ease of making a
single payment of $99. That means no monthly fees, listing fees,
transaction fees, email manager fees, consignment fees or whatever the
first generation vendors decide to call their fees this month.”

Joe Sinclair, author of “eBay Business: The Smart Way,” added: “MarketBlast
draws on 4D’s strength as a maker of award-winning tools that power
databases. It provides eBay sellers with a robust, easy-to-use program that
handles routine eBay business information effectively.”

Veteran eBay PowerSellers collaborated in the development of MarketBlast,
providing insight on the types of features needed for them to maximize
sales and save time.

“The ability to customize and automate email responses is a very useful
element,” said Paul Chua, a Platinum eBay PowerSeller (eBay UserID:
IdealSound). “Using MarketBlast certainly increased my productivity by
minimizing the busy-work of managing my data and not needing to worry about
emails being sent promptly.”

To maximize sales, powerful reporting tools allow you to analyze your
business so you can make informed decisions. Once these decisions are made,
powerful set-it and forget-it automation features can automatically trigger
actions, based on every conceivable outcome, whether it be sending
auction-winners attractive HTML emails or changing ad templates or other

MarketBlast is built upon the award-winning 4th Dimension database and
allows you to quickly access all the jewels of information gathered from
your eBay listings.

one-time fee of $99, with no monthly charges. You can purchase it at or by calling a 4D sales representative at

From June 23-25, MarketBlast will be on display at the eBay Live!
Conference, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Come check us out in
Booth #115.


For 21 years, privately held 4D Inc. of San Jose, Calif., has been on the
cutting edge of helping small, medium and Fortune 500 companies manage
their data. 4D, Inc., the maker of MarketBlast, is a wholly owned
subsidiary of 4D SA, which has offices in eight countries and distribution
channels in more than 50 countries. For more information, 4D, Inc., can be
reached at (408) 557-4600, or on the Internet at either