June 3, 2005


CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 3, 2005 – IOXperts, Inc. announces IOXWebcam 1.1, a
unified driver replacing the Mac OS X versions of their Universal USB and
FireWire Webcam drivers.

The new release supports Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” and includes many new
features and enhancements:

* Software pan/tilt/zoom
* Automatic face tracking
* Mechanical pan/tilt with Logitech Orbit/Sphere camera
* Simultaneous use of multiple cameras
* Remote control application to adjust video while recording
* Localized in 14 languages
* Raw video recording from FireWire cameras
* More compression formats supported
* More cameras supported
* Scalar and Motic microscopes supported
* Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager
* Better compatibility with many applications
* Many bug fixes and enhancements


Internal testing and feedback from customers confirm that the IOXperts
driver delivers the clearest video and highest framerates available.
IOXperts customer Frank D’Anna, for example, writes, “[Jaguar] appears to
have its own built-in DCam driver but the picture quality is really poor
and I’d like to put back the IOXperts driver.”

Praise also comes from the makers of popular videoconferencing
applications. Eric Drumbor of SquidSoft prefers the IOXperts driver. “Why?
Our tests have shown that the IOXperts driver is faster, solid (no
crashing), and is consistent with drivers from the Mac OS Classic side (OS
9-)OS X porting is a breeze).”

Bob Summers, CEO and president of nanoCom Corporation, says, “Our iSpQ
VideoChat Mac users have relied on IOXperts drivers to give them excellent
video on the latest Mac operating systems.”


IOXwebcam 1.1 is $19.95 (USD) — It is a free update for customers who have
purchased a retail USB or FireWire Webcam Driver directly from IOXperts.

The fully functional driver may be downloaded from IOXperts at:


Until it is registered, IOXWebcam will run for 30 minutes at a time. If
more time is required for testing, users may unplug the camera and
reconnect for additional 30-minute sessions.

The time limit is removed by purchasing a registration code via eSellerate
(, by clicking the “register” button in either
the expiration dialog or the included “Camera Identifier” application.


* Mac OS X 10.2.8 or newer
* A Suported USB or FireWire Webcam
* A Mac OS X Native video application


IOXWebcam will work with any native Mac OS X application that supports
standard QuickTime video digitizers.

Please note that, since IOWebcam is a driver, it only makes your camera
available to your Mac as a video input, you still need an application to
use it.

A partial list of supported applications is available on IOXperts web site at:


Here are a few:

iChat AV (third-party patch also required) ImageCaster
iSpQ VideoChat
sVideo Monitor
Troi Grabber Plug-in
Video Funhouse
Video Viewer
Yahoo Messenger

A note about iChat AV:

Use of a USB webcam with iChat AV also requires the installation of
iChatCamUSB from Ecamm Network:


This is because of a conscious marketing decision by Apple to prohibit
iChat AV from working with non FireWire devices, even though they are
perfectly compatible. iChatCamUSB works by patching iChat AV to remove this

While IOXperts does not condone the patching of applications by 3rd party
code, it is not possible to provide compatibility with iChat AV without it
— since Ecamm has already solved this problem, we work closely with them
to make sure our products are compatible with each other.


A full list of supported devices is available on the IOXperts website at:


Partial list of FireWire Cameras:

Apple iSight
ADS 1394 PYRO WebCam (API-200),(API-203)
AME Vcam IEEE 1394 PC Camera CF-2000
Aplux 1394 PC Camera – C102T
Aplux 1394 PC Camera – C104T
FirewireDirect DV WebCam
Imaging Source DBK 21F04, DFK 21F04, DMK 21F04
iREZ StealthFire
LG Electronics LPC-PC20
MetaControls Technologies FireView-1
Orange Micro iBOT FireWire Video Camera
Pinetron Green Eye
Point Grey Research FireFly IEEE 1394 Digital Video Camera
Sun Microsystems Sun 1394 Kit
Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera, Fire-i400 Industrial Camera
Videre Design DCam IEEE 1394 Digital Color Video Camera

Partial list of USB Cameras:

AME: CU-001, CU-98, CU-98A, CU-99A, CU-320
Ariston: iSee-Pro
Boeder: PC ChatCam
Creative: Video Blaster Webcam 5
D-Link: DRU-350C
Ezonics: EZ Cam Pro
iRez: KritterUSB 1.0 (but not 1.1)
Logitech: QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, QuickCam Pro (dark focus
ring), QuickCam Pro 3000, QuickCam Pro 4000, QuickCam Zoom, QuickCam
Mustek: WCam 300
O’Rite: i-Cam USB Camera
Panasonic: GP-KR651US
Philips:ToUcam Fun (PCVC730K), ToUcam Pro (PCVC740K), ToUcam Pro
Scan (PCVC750K), ToUcam Pro II (PCVC840K), ToUcam XS (PCVC720K/40
only), Vesta (PCVC675K), Vesta Pro (PCVC680K), Vesta Scan (PCVC690K)
PINE Technology: PineCam Z100
Plustek OptiCam: 500U
Samsung: AnyCam MPC-C10, AnyCam MPC-C30
Scalar: USB Microscope M1, USB Microscope M2
Sceptre: VC300 (black & silver), VC300 (green translucent)
Sotec: Afina Eye
VideoLogic: HomeC@m


IOXperts ( specializes in full-throttle Mac device
drivers. The company was founded to meet the growing demand among Macintosh
users for more variety and choice among peripherals by providing the
drivers needed to power hardware on the Macintosh platform.

After working with OEMs worldwide, the company is now reaching out directly
to Macintosh users, providing access to the wide array of inexpensive
hardware available in the PC world.

IOXperts already provides drivers for many USB webcams and still cameras,
FireWire webcams, and many inexpensive 802.11b wireless cards. More drivers
are actively in development.