LightWayText 4.1.6 and iText 3.1.6

‘LightWayText & iText for Mac’ cover Mac-OS 7.1 onwards including OS-X.
LightWayText-X 4.1.6 and iText-X 3.1.6 are Tiger Compatible!

‘LightWayText & iText for Windows’ covers Windows 95 and later versions
including Windows XP.

If you have already registered a previous version of LightWayText or
iTextPro, you do NOT need to purchase a new copy or pay an upgrade fee.
Your registration code will still work with all languages’ new versions.

The latest information of LightWayText and iText are available online at;

LightWayText ;
– Mac Version ;
– Windows Version ;

iText ;
– Mac Version ;
– Windows Version ;

Let me tell you another good news. We are also going to release
‘iTextExpress’ very soon.’iTextExpress’ exploits OS X to the full, as it is
completely rewritten in Cocoa! It will blend more seamlessly with the OS X
environment, and we are convinced you will definitely love ‘iTextExpress’
and it will continue to grow with the power of Mac OS X. Please look
forward to it too !! When it will be done to release, let me inform you