If you are planning to attend WWDC in San Jose, please stop by the
CodeWarrior Lounge (Room J-3). See the new 2.0 IDE, learn how CodeWarrior
Latitude will make the transition to Rhapsody easier, and meet our
engineers, who will be available to answer any questions you may have.
CodeWarrior Latitude DR1 will be available next week and purchases can be
made at WWDC, by calling our customer service department, and by
contacting resellers.

CodeWarrior Latitude:

-Is a porting tool which allows you to quickly move existing Mac OS 7.X
applications to UNIX, and soon Rhapsody.

-Contains a set of shared libraries which perfom the functions of the
Macintosh API.

-Allows you to identify which portions of your code will port smoothly and
which Mac Toolbox traps are not implemented, by compiling and linking your
CodeWarrior project with the special Latitiude test libraries.

CodeWarrior Latitude also includes:
-Two free updates
-Free technical support
-Sun Solaris and SGI IRIX porting tools.

http://www.metrowerks.com MWRon@metrowerks.com

CodeWarrior products will be available through DevDepot at WWDC.