Intuitec Software today announced a major upgrade to its Stock Analysis and Selection Software – SASS (Stock Analysis and Selection Software). SASS 1.5.0 has gained the ability to fetch detailed current stock quote information from the Internet: “See Last, Change, Volume, High, Low, Bid, Ask, among others. Also, get a chart of intraday or historical stock prices and volumes, from 1 day up to 10 years. Plot multiple price graphs on the same chart by putting in more than one symbol, separating each with a comma, but no spaces. Putting AAPL,IBM,MOT into the Symbol field results in detailed stock info about Apple, and a graph with Apple, IBM and Motorola all superimposed. Even graph stock market indexes, either alone or with one or more stocks. Best of all, no membership or subscription fees are required.” SASS 1.5.0 is priced at US$69 and a 15-day demo version is available.