CJI Announces Its New Tiger-Compatible Small Business Point-Of-Sale System
— PayGo SP 3.5 for Macs

BUFFALO, Minnesota–April 28, 2005– Christian James, Inc. today announced
the availability of its next generation point-of-sale (POS) product, PayGo
SP 3.5. CJI has improved upon its popular Mac-based PayGo SP point-of-sale
software program. In addition to integrated ecommerce capabilities, CJI has
incorporated several hundred new features and functions into PayGo SP 3.5
to provide Big Box store point-of-sale capabilities to the small business

“All of our store owners are concerned with their ability to be
competitive, as well as provide their customers with a unique and enjoyable
shopping experience,” says Chris Peterson, president of Christian James,
Inc. “That’s part of the reason so many of our store owners use Macs; they
know that Apple programs are less vulnerable to viruses and other problems
that plague PCs, and there is something about a Mac that allows the user to
better express their unique, creative spirit. We designed PayGo for the
unique, independent business owner who needs powerful yet easy-to-use tools
to better manage their inventory, sales, and customers. Most of our store
owners are not techno-geeks. They want a point-of-sale program, equipment,
and services that don’t require a lot of tinkering or a degree in
Information Technology. But they also want advanced features such as
eCommerce shopping carts tied to their brick-and-mortar inventory,
integrated credit card processing, touch screen capabilities, and many,
many more high-tech functions. PayGo SP 3.5 ties ease-of-use with almost
every advanced feature that our customers have requested over the past few
years=8Aand we added customization capabilities for our customers who need
features that are unique to their business.”

This year, CJI also launched a completely revised web site and continues to
improve upon their online education, self-help, and customer community
projects. “We have video clips available online for all of PayGo’s major
features,” says Peterson. “Many of our customers have said these are great
tools to use for new employee training, and even to brush up on
occasionally used functions like creating gift certificates or entering a
repair order.” The PayGo customer bulletin board center continues its rapid
expansion as PayGo owners and users share many customization tips and
techniques, as well as information specific to their industry. Peterson
remains strongly committed to providing quality customer service to PayGo
users, and the size of the technical support staff has tripled since
January of this year.

“PayGo SP provides Big Box retail tools to small businesses at an
affordable price. That’s the bottom line,” Peterson says. “We listen to our
customers’ wants and needs, and will continue to respond with new and
improved products that meet our customers’ changing requirements.”

Christian James, Inc. is a point of sale software solutions company that
concentrates on innovations and service to customers in a wide range of
retail operations including stores that specialize in gifts, music, art,
indoor and outdoor sports, yarn and knitting, scrapbooking, pets,
landscaping, liquor, winery, quilts, books, school supply, antiques, home
furnishings, and much more.

A fully functional demonstration version of PayGo SP 3.5 and additional
information about its new features can be found at www.paygopos.com.