Absoft Announces Pro Fortran 9.2 64-bit Fortran Compiler for Mac OS X v10.4

Absoft Announces Pro Fortran 9.2 64-bit Fortran Compiler for Mac OS X v10.4
“Tiger” – Absoft Corporation, the leading provider of Fortran tools for the
Mac platform, today announced their Pro Fortran v9.2 Compiler Suite for
Apple’s new Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger” operating system. Pro Fortran v9.2
provides full support for Apple’s 64-bit operating system allowing Fortran
developers to fully exploit the entire addressable memory space of the G5
processor for the first time. Pro Fortran v9.2 can produce programs
optimized for either 32-bit or 64-bit Mac OS X systems. Whether customers
are running Tiger on a 32-bit or 64-bit platform, a single copy of Pro
Fortran v9.2 is all that is needed to develop Fortran programs that take
full advantage of the system. Pro Fortran v9.2 still fully supports Mac OS
X v10.3 “Panther”.

“We are pleased to offer the first 64-bit Fortran compiler suite optimized
for Tiger,” said Wood Lotz, President of Absoft. “Over the past several
months Absoft has received hundreds of inquiries asking when 64-bit Fortran
for Tiger would be available and we are pleased to announce the time is
here, along side Tiger’s official release. Our latest release of Pro
Fortran offers optimum performance to Mac OS X customers, whether on 32-bit
Panther or 64-bit Tiger. This compiler suite is a single solution for
everyone. Apple has created increasingly-popular computers with their
G5-based systems. There is a backlog of demand in the science and
engineering communities for 64-bit Fortran leveraging 64-bit memory
addressability,” continued Lotz. “Customers recognize that Absoft is the
only company providing compilers that are fully source-compatible across
Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, giving them the ultimate flexibility in
choosing the most superior computing platforms to deploy their Fortran
applications. Tiger-based G5 systems are an incredibly attractive option,
especially when combined with these exciting new 64-bit products from
Absoft,” concluded Lotz.

“Tiger’s leadership in 64 bit computing enables developers to build and run
a new generation of applications that address massive amounts of memory,”
said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
“Absoft’s introduction of 64-bit Fortran compiler for Tiger is an exciting
development for the global science and engineering community.”

The new Pro Fortran v9.2 includes the popular Absoft IDE with programmer’s
editor, graphical debugger, graphical libraries and other tools. Further
v9.2 improvements include: Absoft’s application framework, the Macintosh
Runtime Window Environment (MRWE) completely rewritten in Fortran 95 (with
full source code included); new single and dual processor versions of the
high performance ATLAS math libraries; the Unix/VAX compatibility libraries
now provided as libraries and modules for better interfacing with Fortran
95; and numerous other improvements have been added.

Pro Fortran v9.2 is available in single user or floating license
configurations for multi-user shared-resource environments such as Xserve
clusters. For customers requiring the most comprehensive math and stat
functions for high performance and business analytics, the first 64-bit
implementation of the Visual Numerics IMSLTM Fortran Library for Mac OS X,
optimized for G5 processors, is also available to Pro Fortran v9.2
customers as an option. A 64-bit version of Crescent Bay’s popular VAST
auto-vectorization and auto-parallelization tools completes this
comprehensive 64-bit tool set available from Absoft with Pro Fortran v9.2
for 64-bit Tiger.

“Visual Numerics is committed to providing advanced analytics on the
broadest range of leading-edge platforms available today,” said Phil
Fraher, president and CEO of Visual Numerics. “By partnering with Absoft as
our sole channel provider for the IMSL Libraries on Mac OS X, Visual
Numerics is able to expand its coverage with the first 64-bit offering for
that platform. Furthermore, given Absoft’s long-standing leadership with
top quality compilers for the Mac OS X platform, we can ensure coverage on
the latest Mac OS X releases with the greatest performance and quality.”

“We are seeing several new Mac OS X-based Xserve cluster opportunities
every week. The powerful combination of IBM’s PowerPC / G5 processors and
Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is gaining popularity every day. We
recently installed our own Xserve cluster at Absoft and it is a phenomenal
system,” said Wood Lotz, President of Absoft.

Pro Fortran v9.2 will begin shipping on May 15. Orders are being accepted
at this time. Absoft also has new pricing for Mac OS X-based clusters for
product bundles including Absoft’s popular compilers. Pro Fortran v9.2 is
available as an upgrade to existing registered Pro Fortran OS X v9.0
customers. Academic discounts are available. Product, pricing and order
information is available on the Absoft website: http://www.absoft.com, by
contacting sales@absoft.com, or by calling (248) 853-0050.

About Absoft Corporation
Celebrating 25 years of leadership, innovation and performance, Absoft
Corporation (Rochester Hills, Michigan) is a global provider of software
development tools needed to solve today’s complex computational problems.
Absoft introduced the first commercial 32-bit Fortran compilers for
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environments, and leads the industry with the recently announced HPC
Software Developers’ Kit. Absoft business partners include Apple; IBM;
Hewlett-Packard; Intel; Motorola; Cray Research; Sun; and Silicon Graphics.
Absoft is the sole provider of source-compatible Fortran and debugging
solutions for all of today’s leading computing platforms. The world’s major
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