NEW YORK, N.Y. – – April 27, 2005 – – Trinfinity Software released today an
update to Time Track, it’s popular time tracking software, designed for
consultants and freelancers to minimize the time spent logging hours and to
enhance billing accuracy.

This update fixes two bugs, including a bug that caused entries in Standard
log files to be ignored if they contained single digit month or hour
representations, and a bug in the Rate Calculator that caused the minutes
field to use the number of seconds when loading data from a Log file.

Time Track for Palm OS has been released and Time Track 2.x for Macintosh
and Windows is required in order to share log files among the three
platforms. Users can choose between using the original log format or the
new Palm compatible log format. There are also new export options to
convert between the two formats. Macintosh users can synchronize their log
files with Time Track for Palm OS using the Time Track Conduit. A conduit
for Windows is currently under development.

Time Track’s AutoTrack feature allows users to automatically track the time
spent using almost any application without having to click on the start and
stop button. This feature has been designed to enhance workflow and prevent
the user from losing time because they forgot to start logging. The
AutoTrack Monitor window allows the user to see which AutoTrack
applications are running and how much time has elapsed since they started
being logged. Time Track has several features that allow it to run
autonomously in the background, including the ability to have Time Track
launched when the computer boots up and the ability to send the application
to the background when launched. The AutoTrack feature is only available
for Macintosh.

Time Track is AppleScriptable and the downloadable archive contains sample
scripts for controlling Time Track. One of the included samples is a
FolderAction script that can be used to turn logging on when a folder is
opened and turn logging off when the folder is closed. This is a great
solution for users that want to track the usage of files rather than

The specific issues addressed in this and previous updates are listed in
the “Time Track Version History” file located in the “Documentation” folder
of the downloadable archive.

Time Track 2.x costs $24.95 for a single user license. Site licenses and
world-wide site licenses are also available. Registered users of Time Track
1.x can upgrade to 2.x for $15.00 (Single User License). New users can
download and evaluate Time Track 2.x for 30 days.

Time Track is available for the following platforms:

– Mac OS 8 & 9
– Mac OS X
– Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
– Palm OS

Time Track is available for download at:

You can purchase Time Track here: