April 28th, 2005

Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 Arrives With Tiger Compatibility And Much, Much More

Princeton, NJ – Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is coming on April 29th, but Audio
Hijack Pro 2.5 is available now. Version 2.5 is much more than a simple bug
fix update, boasting several major new features in addition to Tiger
compatibility. Audio Hijack Pro’s timers are now much smarter, alerting
users to overlaps, as well as being exportable to iCal for calendar
viewing. In addition, Audio Hijack Pro now offers a “Radio” input option
with custom support for the Griffin RadioShark and D-Link DSB-R100 USB
radios, as well as a new “System Audio” input to allow recording of all
audio being played.

Additional feature improvements include full AppleScriptability, a new Disk
Status window showing available disk space on all volumes, and the new
Application Mixer plugin, great for creating Podcasts. As always, Audio
Hijack Pro will drastically change the way you use audio on your computer
by giving you the freedom to manipulate audio any way you desire. Record
and enhance any audio with Audio Hijack Pro – it’s the cornerstone of your
digital audio experience.

Updates In Audio Hijack Pro 2.5:

* Full OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Compatability

* Fully Applescriptable

* New ‘Radio’ Input Source, supporting Griffin’s RadioSHARK and D-Link’s

* New ‘System Audio’ Input Source, allowing for optional hijacking and
recording of all audio

* Includes the Application Mixer plugin, to allow input from multiple

* Overlapping Timer detection

* Disk Status window, showing available disk space on all volumes

* Many minor additions and bug fixes

Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 is immediately available for download and purchase.
Users are encouraged to take it for a free test drive, then purchase it for
just $32. Version 2.5 is a free update for registered owners of Audio
Hijack Pro 2. Registered users of Audio Hijack Pro 1.x may upgrade to
version 2 for just $10. Head over to the Audio Hijack Pro page for more
information, or just download Audio Hijack Pro now!

In addition to the Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 release, the rest of Rogue Amoeba’s
product line has quietly been updated for Tiger compatibility. Updates to
Detour and Nicecast were unveiled on April 18th and new versions of Airfoil
and Audio Hijack on the 20th. These updates are recommended for users on
all versions of OS X, not just Tiger.

Audio Hijack Pro Links

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Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately held software company based
minutes outside of Princeton, New Jersey. Rogue Amoeba creates powerful,
innovative tools for OS X, and has a good time doing it. Rogue Amoeba’s
founders carry a tradition of superb Macintosh products, with a focus on
audio. Rogue Amoeba’s product line includes the wildly popular Audio Hijack
series for audio recording, the sound-routing utility Detour and the audio
broadcasting tool Nicecast.

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