FileWave is shipping Major New Version of Flagship Product, FileWave 2.0

New System Update Feature, “Patch Installer” and FileWave’s Client Manager
adding significantly to FileWave’s value

Wil, Switzerland / San Francisco, USA – March 31 2005 – FileWave, a
leading provider of Mac OS and Windows system management software, today
announced significant updates to its flagship software suite FileWave 2.0.
The new version allows businesses of all sizes to distribute Macintosh and
Windows software as well as System Updates easily and rapidly across their
multi-platform distributed networks. FileWave is shipping this new version
2.0 as of today.

With FileWave 2.0 and Patch Installer, system administrators have the
capability to deliver System Updates across the network. “Patch Installer
is the most automated and reliable way to deliver OS updates to Windows and
MacOS computers,” said Ben Forsyth at FileWave. “With just a few drags, a
system administrator has the ability to have a Security Update or System
Update installed on all their Macs and Windows computers across the

The FileWave Client Manager allows the import of clients from any
Directory systems such as LDAP, Active and Open Directory. The import from
clients is also available from a text file. Another additional function of
this Client Manager is, that once a FileWave client is installed on the
network, it will pop up at the FileWave Server. Also the usage of client
groups, duplicating of client groups and such is now very easy to handle
and gives the network administrator the full control over software

The software management tool FileWave is made up of the following modules:
FileWave XServer, Booster, XAdmin, XClient, WinAdmin and WinClient.
FileWave 2.0 offers an unsurpassed ease of use for IT managers and
guarantees an extremely high speed of deployment when distributing software
throughout a network. FileWave XServer centrally stores all data relevant
to end users, while intelligent FileWave Clients are installed on the
end-user systems – thus allowing the administrator to distribute new
software and updates from a single location at any time.

A system administrator needs to define the model software configuration
only once, at a centralized location, and can move on to other duties while
the configuration is quickly deployed to all designated client computers.
FileWave’s unique network and server-based software management tools,
including software configuration and monitoring, are totally transparent to
the end user.

FileWave (USA) Inc. is currently offering FileWave 2.0 free of-charge to
qualified academic customers that sign up for a two-year support contract
within the USA. Additional details and a request form are available on
FileWave’s Web site at

About FileWave

FileWave develops, markets, and integrates the software management tools
FileWave and Asset Trustee. These products deploy, monitor, and manage
applications in enterprise network environments based on Apple Macintosh
and Microsoft Windows computer systems. Customers of FileWave include Nike,
Gruner + Jahr, Publicis, Readers Digest, LEGO and Viacom. For additional
information, please visit