REAL Software Announces REALbasic Design Awards 2005 Winners

AUSTIN, Texas (March 30, 2005) – REAL Software announced today the winners
of the REALbasic Design Awards 2005. The criteria on which the software was
judged included creativity, ease of use, design, utility, and supporting

“Judging these awards gets more challenging every year, and this year was no
exception,” stated Geoff Perlman, president and CEO of REAL Software. “We
encourage everyone to learn out more about these award-winning products, as
they easily represent excellence in software design and utility, and they
show how REALbasic helps bring ideas to life.”

The winners and runners-up in each category are listed below. More
information and direct links to the software are available on

* Winner, Best Overall Software and Winner, Best Cross-Platform Software:
ProSelect from TimeExposure.
ProSelect enables photographers to help their clients quickly narrow down
their preferred photographs, compare between photographs, design multi-image
layouts and collect orders. Available for both Windows and Macintosh.

* Winner, Best Business Software:
Studiometry from Software.
The ultimate organization tool for professionals, Studiometry tracks all
client, project, time and contact information and more. Available for
Windows and Macintosh.

* Runner-Up, Best Business Software:
Iauthorize from Intelli Innovations.
The easy, effortless way to process credit card payments. Using the popular
Authorize.Net payment gateway, iAuthorize enables fast, efficient credit
card processing on Mac OS X.

* Winner, Best Consumer Software:
iVideo from Waterfall Software.
iVideo is the equivalent of iPhoto or iTunes for video files. Items are
organized using playlists and thumbnails, and can be viewed directly within
iVideo. Available for Macintosh.

* Winner, Best Graphic Design Software:
PhotoEdit from Mien Software.
PhotoEdit is a powerful image editing tool that lets you create
professional-quality images. It features all the tools you’ll ever need;
filled with tons of image filters and effects.

* Winner, Best Utility Software:
NetTool Box from Charlie Boisseau.
With 23 network tools – from DNS queries to MX lookups to SSL terminals –
Net Tool Box has nearly every feature that power users need for network
testing and monitoring. NetToolBox is available for Macintosh and is in beta
for Windows.

* Winner, Best Educational Software:
StarQuiz from Cosmicsoft.
starQuiz is an easy to use software package that makes computerized testing
easy. You can create quizzes with multiple choice, true or false, short
answer, fill in the blank, matching, and essay questions. Quizzes can
include pictures, movies, web links, time limits, and more. StarQuiz is
available for Windows and Macintosh.

* Runner-Up, Best Educational Software:
RobotProg from Corinne Queme.
Program a virtual robot with a flowchart. First draw the flowchart, then
run the program and watch the robot execute the program. With RobotProg,
learn programming in gradual levels, even program several robots to play

* Winner, Best Developer Tool:
WSL-Amazon from Electric Butterfly, Inc.
Easily integrate Amazon Web Services into REALbasic 5.5 applications with
this comprehensive class library, available for Windows, Macintosh and

* Runner-Up, Best Developer Tool:
On-Target Reports from Aaron Bratcher.
On-Target Reports can quickly and easily generate reports from most popular
databases with a step-by-step assistant. Available for Windows and

* Winner, Best Entertainment Software:
Rondo from FracturedSoftware.
Midi made easy, Rondo is a simple, uncluttered and easy to access midi
files. Rondo has many interesting features including a vertical piano roll
with live scrolling and a pull down piano that will play along with the
music. Available for Macintosh.

About REALbasic

REALbasic is a full-featured software design environment easily suited to
creating all kinds of applications, from utilities to enterprise-class
applications. REALbasic is highly compatible with Visual Basic and includes
a utility to help migrate existing Visual Basic applications. REALbasic is
available now starting at $99.95 direct from REAL Software, Fry’s and other
software retailers. REALbasic Professional Edition, required for
cross-platform deployment, starts at $399.95 and includes extended
functionality for database and team development.Download a free trial of
REALbasic at (

About REAL Software

REAL Software provides REALbasic, Cross-Platform That Really Works, for
people who want to create and deliver cross-platform software for Windows,
Macintosh and Linux. REALbasic is highly compatible with Visual Basic and
includes a utility to help migrate Visual Basic applications cross-platform.
REAL Software was founded in 1996 and is based in Austin, Texas.For more
information visit ( or call 512.328.7325.