Extremely Simple Site Management Tool Facilitates Creating Static or
Dynamic Announcements, Quotes, and Other ‘Blobs of Content’ —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 29, 2005 — Web Crossing, Inc. today announced a
new Content Blob Management plug-in, which makes site content management much
more accessible to non-technical administrators.

Now for the first time, administrators with no HTML expertise can create
access-controlled “blobs” of content that easily drop into Theme cells within
the standard Web Crossing Theme manager. The new Content Blob Management
facilitates easy site content management and organization, and installs in
a few
clicks directly from the “Shop For Plug-ins” link on an administrator’s Control
Panel. Free for a limited time, additional information and the new Content
Management plug-in is available today directly from

“Content Blob Management is an ease of customization capability only available
with Web Crossing,” said Tim Lundeen, president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc.
“With no HTML knowledge required, setting up and moving blobs makes site
easy. At the same time, full access control makes the customization secure.
We’re pleased with how the new Content Blob Management plug-in supports Web
Crossing’s emphasis on easy customization and extensibility without

“I LOVE the content blob management plug-in, and I use it all the time,”
exclaimed Sylvia Marino, online community consultant and beta tester. “It is
elegant, flexible, plus allows me to make a content change in one place and
it appear on hundreds (even thousands) of web pages at once. The inheritance
settings are great and match the hierarchy structure that Web Crossing
I also like setting Access Lists for a blob to show one promotion or piece of
content to one group and a completely different piece of content to another
group in the same spot, on the same page.”

The new Content Blob Management plug-in requires no knowledge of HTML for
elemental text-based content blobs. Creation is also straightforward for blobs
that contain images and other elements. Once blobs are created, placing them on
a page simply involves choosing the correct blob from a popup menu.

Content blobs can also include Web Crossing Template Language (WCTL) scripting
for dynamic content. Optional “blob boxes,” which include titles and
location-specific layout elements, ensure that repositioned blobs consistently
look appropriate to their location. Blobs automatically inherit into
or can be individually set to never inherit into a subfolder. Complete access
control, including host access controls, balance usability and control of the
blobs. Additional information and the new Content Blob Management plug-in is
available today directly from (http://www.webcrossing.com/blobs/).

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