OrangeWare releases two UWB Software Development Driver Tools: A Wire
Adapter Development Driver and a Wireless USB Developer Utility Program.

Anaheim, CA – OrangeWare, the leading provider of USB and Wireless USB
drivers has just announced two new ultrawideband development tools.
Targeted at supporting Wireless USB hardware designers, the two new
software products are expected to optimize performance and dramatically
accelerate the time to market.

Wire Adapter Development Driver

The first development tool is OrangeWare’s UWB/Wireless USB driver for Wire
Adapters. Hardware engineers can develop their USB/ARM/MAC firmware in an
easy, logical step by step manner ensuring steady progress while proving
their design with the driver.

The development package includes twenty hours of engineering consulting
services. Consulting can be used for creating custom test loops or debug
statements to speed up the design process. It can also be used to implement
and test any unique extensions to the MBOA or Wireless USB specifications
contemplated by UWB hardware designers.

Wireless USB Developer Utility Program

The second tool is a utility program which is included with the Wire
Adapter Development Driver. Its purpose is to provide developers with a
flexible application whereby engineers can test, statistically measure and
exercise “what if” questions, resulting in improved functionality of their
UWB designs. For example, the ability to test, change and ultimately
optimize memory allocations and RPipe settings will guarantee a highly
efficient end product with optimized performance at the lowest
manufacturing cost. The included consulting services can also be used to
set up custom measuring functions in the Utility Program.

Future software tools and driver development will support the USB WHCI
driver for PCI host cards and motherboards. In addition, OrangeWare is
poised to implement UWB drivers for IP, 1394, and DLNA protocols.

In summary, the UWB Software Development Tools will facilitate the hardware
design effort significantly. In addition, the software driver will be
licensed at no charge for use in marketing demonstrations of the customer’s
new UWB technology.

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About OrangeWare

OrangeWare Corporation is a market leader for software consulting services,
driver solutions, applications and custom software projects for companies
like Intel, nVidia, VIA, ATI, ALi and many more. OrangeWare is most
commonly known for its USB 2.0 drivers used by 98% of the world marketplace
for Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP and Mac OS X. We also have a strong
background in video drivers, 802.11 a/b/g, FireWire/1394, 1394 Audio and
FireWire800/1394b application and driver developments.

Interested manufacturers and OEM’s are invited to test the 1394b trial
driver internally with their1394b products. For information or to set up a
licensing agreement, please contact sales at or call
714-998-9003 x111.