Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 2 Server


March 25, 2005. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software, Inc, providers of
groundbreaking business and developer solutions, announce the availability
of the first products in the Valentina 2 product line. Valentina 2 is the
result of three years of improvements upon the incredibly fast and robust
database technology underlying many developer solutions for Macintosh and

The groundbreaking improvements to the Valentina core technology include:

New Abstraction Links. Foreign Keys, fast Valentina ObjectPtrs and Valentina
Binary links for 1:1, 1:M and M:M links.

New Speed Improvements. Valentina 2 Cache, new internal file system and
RAM-based options dramatically increase speed over the already fast
Valentina 1.x technology.

Unicode. Support for the original 170 encodings plus UTF-8 and UTF-16 native
databases, leveraging IBM’s superior Unicode framework.

Valentina XML. Import and export both data and schema.

Valentina SQL. SQL’92 compliance as well as native API calls in all

Simultaneous Data Exchange. Connect to data stored on read-only media such
as CDROMS, Valentina-based servers on intranets or the Internet, local
databases and more, from a single developer solution on either Windows or
Macintosh. Linux solutions are under development.

Transparent File Format. Use the same database files on Windows and MacOS X
clients and servers.

Others include new reference integrity, record level locks and 448-bit

The new, first Valentina 2 products include:

Valentina 2 Office Server. Office Server is a robust, business ready
database server for Windows and MacOS X. Office Server includes plugins for
interfacing with most popular development tools on Windows and MacOS, such
as REAL Software’s REALbasic, Runtime Revolution, Visual Studio, Delphi and
more. Versions support from five to unlimited numbers of users, with pricing
starting at $300 for a five connection office. Office Server is extendable
and has no IP address limitations or “user CALs” pricing.

Valentina Developer Network. VDN is a maintenance based, premier software
service that allows developers access to Valentina 2 Embedded Server, for
creation of true client-server solutions. VDN members can distribute
database server applications royalty free. It also includes access to a
private support forum, reseller pricing on Office Server, developer versions
of Office Server and more. VDN pricing starts at $599. Any licensee of a
Valentina 1.1 SDK product can get basic membership for $100 off the regular
price, with two years of free upgrade maintenance.

Valentina Application Developer Kits for REAL Software’s REALbasic and
Macromedia Director begin at $199, $299 for both MacOS and Windows. Anyone
who purchased a Valentina 1.x SDK for REALbasic or Director after September
24, 2004 qualifies for a free upgrade.

Valentina 2 for REALbasic now supports both fast class access as well as
RBDB API. Valentina 2 for REALbasic is one of the few database tools that
support reading from read only media such as CDROMs.

Valentina 2 for Macromedia Director now is digitally signed and Shockwave
safe and supports direct loading of media without relying on Director calls.

Solutions for all major development tools are under development. Check the
Paradigma Software website for availability at

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is the
leading provider of incredibly fast and robust database solutions for
business and development. Valentina 2 technology powers solutions as diverse
as graphics applications from major Japanese electronics companies to
solutions supporting US public schools. Paradigma Software solutions are
available for every major development environment on the Windows and
Macintosh platforms.

For additional information, visit the Paradigma Software website at